TV Shop Zumba Complaint Upheld


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<img src="/images/tvshoplogo2.jpg" border="0" alt="TV Shop" title="TV Shop" hspace="4" vspace="2" align="right" />ASA Monitoring staff challenged whether the Zumba system that was advertised on TV Shop would:<br />1. burn calories at a rate as high as 1000 calories an hour;<br />2. melt pounds, fat and inches away;<br />3. burn fat and calories fast and change the body immediately;<br />4. help people with depression.<br />Monitoring staff also challenged whether:<br />5. using the toning sticks in conjunction with Zumba meant users would burn fat more efficiently and sculpt and shape the body faster;<br />6. the references to weight loss complied with rule 8.4.3.<br /><br />The ASA concluded that the ad must not be broadcast again in its present form and that the product should not be advertised without adequate substantiation for the claims made for it.<br /><br /><a href="" target="_blank">Read Full Adjudication</a>

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