JML Launches Remote Control Shopping with TV Keys


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<img src="/images/TVkeys.jpg" border="0" alt="TV Keys" title="TV Keys" hspace="4" vspace="3" align="right" />JML and Miniweb have joined forces to give TV consumers an even easier shopping experience using a Miniweb Key & See based shopping service. The innovation utilises Miniweb’s TV Key™ as an on-screen call to action which directs viewers to JML’s new interactive service, allowing them to purchase products directly from the TV via their remote control. Simply by re-purposing their web site for TV, JML is the first broadcaster to take advantage of the cost-effectiveness of Key & See and benefit from the revenue-generating potential the solution provides.<br /><br />“We’ve always championed innovation – through our products and the way we interact with our audience,” said Ken Daly, Managing Director of JML. “We’re impressed with how affordable Miniweb’s Key & See interactive service is and the potential for additional revenues it provides. We’re delighted to lead the way in using Key & See to engage viewers with our content and look forward to providing our consumers with an even richer television experience.”<br /><br />Viewers of JML channels are prompted to press the ‘Interactive’ button, instead of the ‘Red’ button, and select ‘TV Keys’. They then simply enter the JML TV Key to shop, browse and purchase. The easily remembered TV Key consists of the three unique button presses ‘J-M-L’, which equates to the buttons 5-6-5 on the remote. This takes the viewer to the JML on-screen shopping site where they can continue to see the original broadcast channel running as part of the interactive shopping experience. JML will promote the ‘JML’ TV Key icon across their programming and run regular advertisements educating viewers about this new and exciting way to shop. The service will also be promoted to their existing customers via email.<br /><br />The service is now live in over 9 million homes across all five of the company’s TV channels; JML (Sky channel 641), JML Home & DIY (653), JML Choice (662), JML Lifestyle (666), and JML Cookshop (667). <br /><br />Miniweb’s Key and See service seamlessly links a broadcaster’s two main assets; their TV channel and their web site. The JML Key & See service consists of a TV Key which links JML’s TV channels with a dedicated online version of their web site which has been re-designed for TV. The JML TV Site was specifically tailored for use on multiple TV devices via the Miniweb Platform. Available now on Sky, viewers can browse and transact with JML, just like they do on the web, but unlike the web, viewers continue to watch the JML TV channel from the comfort of their sofa.<br /><br />“We’re excited that JML has recognised the benefits of our Key & See service. It has been specifically designed to allow broadcasters to enhance their channel with web-style interactivity, making interactive TV more affordable and delivering additional audience participation and revenue streams. Possible applications of the service are as varied as the many channels that are available to today’s TV viewers,” said Andrew Carver, CEO, Miniweb Interactive. “Previous generation interactive TV services using broadcast technologies have been expensive to launch and maintain and have experienced limited success. Miniweb is leading the industry in using Internet Protocols and open standards to deliver interactive content to the TV.<br /><br />“In line with Miniweb’s vision, the BBC has recently announced Project Canvas which aims to deliver internet content to the TV at some point in the future. However Miniweb’s solution that is being adopted by JML is available now and, through our cross-network Platform, will be compatible with new Miniweb enabled, broadband connected TVs, as that market develops. This provides broadcasters like JML an increasing base of viewers who will be able to purchase products via their TVs,” concluded Andrew Carver.<br /><br />

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