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Aug 10, 2008
The Forest
Is it April fools day - I just saw the preview for the nubrella and nearly fell off the chair laughing......

Hands free umbrella

Its a comedy show right? Please tell me no one on here is going to buy this? 828451

Curiosity got the better of me and i took a look on the website. What the f***!

QVC have finally lost the plot.
Well I think its a great innovation :54: :55: Debbie Greenwood just said she could drink a cup of tea under it - what more could you want in an umbrella? :52:

I think Mrs James might get one to keep her Kaftan dry????

Someone best pm her in case they sell out!!!:lol:
tat...if anyone bought me this I would think it was a joke,can't think many people would buy this....what would you look like honestly!!!!!!
Can you imagine the looks you'd get in the street if you were walking about wearing that?!!?

Hilarious. Would be interested to know if anyone bought one though. Crazy.
Save yourself a fortune - get this one instead!!!!

Much better Mermaid, this would only take the top part of your skull off in a strong wind, not your whole head!!! :3:

Can you imagine being buffetted about in our gusty winds with that on yer noggin?. Your hands full of shopping or holding hands with your kids (as DG said) and a 30mph blast hitting you!!! Not exactly aerodynamic is it??

Good old QVC.


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