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Lilo Lil here - I am sure QVC will never reply to questions relating to past presenters.

Regarding Molton Brown - This week, whilst having my nether regions scanned!, the radiographer said she had seen a lady who worked for MB at their Elsenham factory - according to this person QVC wanted more profit from the MB goodies so MB pulled out of QVC:sad:
Yeah QVC run off to Australia to drag Lee back to appear on your channel. Dream on.
I see Mrs James put in a request for Molton Brown on 15/11/09. Is this the one and only Mrs James???:thinking2:
It wasn't me ...

Not me! Good that it was actually posted on AY's blog instead of binned, I suppose, but I don't think there'll be any re-appearances.

It's weird because just yesterday, for some reason, I was wondering about Lee from Philosophy and the 'did he jump or was he pushed' question... and was missing the Shopping Telly site being up so I could dig into the archives to check out this ancient history (don't know if it's possible with the re-vamp of the site, but may skulk around later).

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