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Jun 24, 2008
Yorkshire Uk
I decided i was going to treat myself to some bling and started off a basket. This morning around 8-30 a AAA Tanzanian Ruby ring appeared at £49 and i added to said basket. Around an hour later i added a Ratnakiri Zircon ring and happened to glance at basket contents while i was there. I looked next to the Tanzanian Ruby and a message said " Item no longer available, please check out sooner to secure your items" (or words very similar) :19:. Bearing in mind the item had only been in basket 1hour and that you have upto 24hours to check out baskets this was ridiculous! What also Peed me off big style was the further message stating "please do not check out untill you have finished shopping!" :19:

Anyway, I got on the phone and managed to speak to a representative, who initially said the item wasn't available, then it was available but only at £98...No way, no how am i paying £98 for an item i "purchased" at £49 an hour earlier. Finally i asked to speak to a Manager and was told the Manager would adjust the price to the price it ended at during the auction and not charge P&P as goodwill for the messing about. I was also told i would get email confirmation of this, but nothing as yet. Let's hope what i was promised materialises or Rocks&Co could be losing a customer! I have still not decided what to do with the rest of basket contents.

Gav? Rocks Helper? I hope one of you may be reading and taking note, this is not the best way to treat customers!
HIya Tabs, hope the Manager is true to his word and they honour the price you bid for the ruby ring. Odd to see it unavailable so soon afterwards!

It sounds an excellent price and just checking the website I see there are currently only two TR rings on offer, whereas there used to be a good number when they first started. I wonder if they are getting rather low on all their stock and spreading it a bit thin between the TV sales and the website?
Hi Sacha, I'm not sure what the problem was but i certainly dont want that malarkey all the time. I just hope they are true to word and things run smoothly. The code for mine was 963 764.
Tabs - you may have to wait until Monday and speak to CS. The reason I'm saying this is last night I spoke to the sales team (not CS) because I'd added a pendant to my basket but something went wrong and it went in and bounced straight out again. I phoned and the guy I spoke to (although very helpful and nice) told me that there was one in stock BUT I'd have to pay £279 when it had been, very briefly, in my basket at £199!!!! I asked if they could adjust the price and he said they don't have the facility.

Soooooooooooo, I would speak to CS on Monday hun cos I think they have access to more of the system than the sales team.


Meesh xxx
Hi Tabs that's really annoying but I'm sure if Rocks&Co Helper reads this she will do her best to find you another one or something very similar, she's very helpful as per her moniker. Good luck. :pPC:
Thanks Meesh, Will double check with CS tommorrow, but the girl said the Manager was going to adjust it. Time will tell....Thanks hun x
Oh Twinny I hope you get it sorted out. I'm confident you will though as they do seem really good at rectifying things at Rocks and Co. I had a sneaky peek at the ring and it's lovely - great taste again!
Oh dear!!:52:

I do hope that things get sorted for you Tabs.....and Meesh,it sounds like you have got some lovely items and it's gutting to miss out on such lovely buys.

I have said before that I do not doubt the commitment of R&C to deliver what they promise, and the The Manager's posts on here along with the new stings they are running on the channel re delivering great service and suggestions on how to improve go a long way to prove just that.

What I feel that they need to do with immediate effect is to get their CS dept working at the weekends to deal with problems such as yours.Having these issues hanging over for 24/48 hours.....especially when items can only stay in the basket for 24 hours is not good,for customers,for the CS team who will be bang under pressure come Monday mornings and ultimately for R&C as a company.

We all understand that things can go wrong at times,we do not like it when it happens,it can be frustrating,but as long as we have confidence that the people at the other end will sort things out we are still happy customers who will come back time and again to purchase our goodies.We can be a fickle bunch and with so many choices available to spend our hard earned R&C need to get this situation resolved ASAP.
Hiya Tabs, sorry to hear of your problems on rocksandco I too have had the same problem last weekend with a multi gem bracelet item went in basket even said my name on tv - did I get it NO the same message as you had came up in my basket even thought bracelet had been in basket for just over an hour with no problem, I rang customer services on Monday and was told item was sold out and phone buyers get priority as they have confirmed purchases and someone must have rung up later and my bracelet was sold to them as I hadn't confirmed (what!!!) said I should check out after ever purchase I explained that I am not going to pay £5.95 per item when it should be one p&p per day said if I contacted them they would refund the extra p&p, I am waiting for one item at the moment and think might give them a rest for a while then because I have experienced sooo many problems and spent so much of my time on the phone to customer services, jewellery is of a lovely quality and price and design are really good but I feel there are too many problems that still need resolving at present, hope you get things sorted Tabs (good luck x)
Thanks Pandabear. I'm pretty sure i do have it now as i checked out and paid by card on the phone. The only problem now is what price they charge me! I'm still awaiting email from the Manager and will have to double check with CS tommorrow. I do think that what happpened to you is disgusting, surely if you have an item in your basket, then the 24hours you have to check out it should stay there? Our situations are worse tho, as items were in baskets under a couple of hours! I've taken a screen shot of my basket page in case of any problems anyway....will report back with good news(fingers crossed) hopefully. Thanks again for your best wishes x
Hi Tabs.

Please accept my apologies for the trouble that you have had.

I will get Gavin to clarify the web situation for you.

Regarding the product you had an issue with, I will follow it up and make sure that this problem has been dealt with / is being dealt with.


If there is a problem with the stock levels then I will try to source a similar alternative, and then that offered to you.

On another note, I have just pasted below (in red) part of a post I just made on another thread:

In relation to what I posted before, the current System is not 100% ideal as to what we would like it to be (it was forced to do something it wasn’t designed to do), because of that, we are currently having a new software system being built, which will be ready in the New Year, as well as us moving all our studio and operations into one facility. (This will enable us to closely monitor our service levels and give a greater customer experience)

The bit that I didn’t tell you before is this new system will integrate all ways of ordering i.e. you can order on the web then the phone then web (any mixture of the two). You will then be able to see all your orders in one place and the call centre staff will be able to see that too, they can amend/edit your order where ever you placed it (web or phone). Plus you will just have one order number, no multiples!

Also, the order process will be dramatically speeded up, as existing customer details can be “looked up” by most means e.g. post code, surname, phone number and then an item just added to a new/existing order all visible on 1 screen, which isn’t possible at the moment.

Customer services – Once we move to the new facility in the New Year, we are looking into extending the weekday hours and opening for selected hours on the weekend.

There will be plenty of more changes for the better too. I will let you know closer to / in the New Year.

Have a Great Day!


Rocks & Co. COO
Constructive Criticism

Exactly the same thing happened to me last week. We are told to secure the item put in in your basket, in my case it took about 10 minutes for them to take the ring out and tell me that I should have checked out sooner, but if I had and then continued buying I would have had to pay another P + P. Now don't get me wrong, I love the jewellery. I have bought loads of stuff, and far to many rings !!! But R & C please note by way of constructive criticism.

I have never been able to purchase two of the same item from the internet. I always get a message saying I can only bid once of this item. So do not tell me to multi buy....... I can't.

Ring resizing is a great idea, as N is to big for me. However according to the info that comes with the rings, you need to pay £5.95 PER RING. That means if I send back the 7 rings I have bought it will cost me another £41 I don't call that free resizing. It certainly doesn't cost £41 to post them back to me !! When I first mentioned this subject to CS they told me it was £5.95 per package -- wrong again !!

This morning I watched the under £50 hour looking for Chrissie Pressies. Firstly found white gold and diamond earnings £19 really good price, click on bid now, page won't load, try on laptop, page won't load. By the time it loads item gone and message, you should have bid sooner..... I TRIED... their system couldn't cope. Low and behold same thing happened a few items later with Gold and diamond cross. So I rang to order, waited ages, listening to Vickie telling me how important my call was, finally got through to be told "sorry sold out"

Please R & C sort yourselves out, as I said I love the channel, love the presenters (most of them) and adore the jewellery, but I am getting very frustrated with your system.
Well, First update. The early signs are not good. A call to CS says there is no stock of this item and no idea why my order was taken. I'm now awaiting a return call.
Well thats not a good result so far Tabs, i hope they haven't charged your card for an order they can't fulfill....
Not as yet Marie, but the point is they took the order, possibly knowing they had no stock. Effectively i think they are liable/obliged to fullfill that order.
Sorry to hear about your problem Tabs, it must be incredibly frustrating and I do hope something is sorted out for you.
I think the situation must also be really frustrating for Rocks&co because until their new software system is up and running, they can't make the improvements they want to make and, let's face it, desperately need to make. The popularity of the channel since the change to falling auctions has taken them by surprise and their existing sorftware is just not up to the job. I think they are all too well aware of their shortcomings, but I do agree with the point that CS should be open at some point over the weekend as soon as possible. I also think that the Call Centre staff need some further training as you can get completely different answers to the same question so you never know exactly what is happening. At the very least they should all know how the system works (and that includes web purchases!). I think we'll need a fair bit of patience until the new systems are implemented next year.
I agree Jacqualina its frustrating for everyone concerned! I sent Rocks helper a pm this morning, she replied saying she would respond ASAP but as yet still no response. Very frustrating indeed.

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