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Aug 2, 2009
Yes, there's yet another clearance on Gems website. As per usual there are several items which have been marked up at much higher prices than they were yesterday when they were appearing in web games, and rings I ordered (but sent back) in the last clearance for £80 which are now well over £100! However, there are some things which I've not seen before and I've put these into my basket
The price is £74 but knowing how Gems have artificially hiked their prices on other items, I don't want to be ripped off. Because I've not seen them before, I don't know whether this is the right price or not. Do any of you have these earrings already and how much did you pay for them?
Secondly, as they are earrings there is always the risk of not being able to see them properly in the bag. In the video they looked lovely and clear but because they're now in my basket, the video doesn't appear. Again, if any of you have them already, are they sparkly and are they well cut without any windows?
You're asking the impossible I'm afraid Greenie. Each gemstone will have it's own properties and cut so somebody might say to you "yes I have those and they're [good/bad/windowed]" but that's no guarantee that yours will be the same.

The price looks ok for the carat weight etc so it might be worth getting for a look.

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