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Apr 27, 2009
For the first few years that Charlie B was on air, he occasionally referred to his partner Michelle - but he has'nt mentioned her for a couple of years now - have they split ? When presenting jewellery, he still refers to his parents, his sister and his children, but no mention whatsoever of Michelle. Any body know ?

I remember too when Alison Keenan always wore her wedding and engagement ring, then she was off air for ages last year, then suddenly reappeared without either ring. At a later date she referred to her 'old' engagement ring. So obviously another split up there.
When Joan Rivers was on with Charlie the other night she said something about his wife and he said they weren't married. He didn't mantion her name though so I cannot help on that.
That is something that has always annoyed me about Charlie: ever since he came on qvc, he has spoken about his children and has said, to anyone who would listen, that he wasn't married.... I even remember him saying years ago to a guest .."no, I'm single" ....... makes me absolutely furious! If you have children you are NOT single.... yes, there are those who are single parents, but Charlie has always spoken of his partner and the children, therefore, in my mind he is NOT single !!! As far as I am concerned, you can be single or a single parent, but you cannot be in a relationship WITH BABIES and call yourself single! That's exactly the "I'm free really" attitude that bedevils the relationship of too many men with their children.
Charlie may be a good enough father in real life, but this regular chanting of, I'm not married, I'm single, when, as far as we know, he has got a partner, is deeply insulting to her and to the children in my mind.

Rant over!
i'm not sure he is regarded 'single' under common law. but even if he were, i do not see anyone of us queuing...
He may be 'unmarried' but if he's living with, or having a relationship with someone, he most definitely is not single! I've heard him say that too, most odd IMO.
i'm not sure he is regarded 'single' under common law. but even if he were, i do not see anyone of us queuing...

thats to be sure

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I think I must be the only one here who thinks he's ok. I enjoy craft shows when he's presenting with Dawn as they seem to have quite a laugh together.
I like him,has me in stitches sometimes especially when he gets the giggles,I think he seems very genuine.Good job we are all different eh!?
I think he's pretty tasty:glass:

Probably be shot down in flames here:giggle:but I just can't understand how people with children don't get married "oh it's just a piece of paper" LAME ! If it's just a piece of paper why don't you get it then?
I run a Toddler group and I would say the majority of parents aren't married, it's a minefield knowing what surname the kids have:wait2:

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