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Sep 29, 2008
I know the title may sound it but im not being rude!!

Have you all noticed how much Northern Nights has been on lately? Well becasue of that, i am starting to give into temptation and am considering purchasing a flannel bed set (item no 827533). Has anyone experience of this or any other Northern Nights products and if so whats the verdict?
Hiya Nikki

Ive got two sets of NN Bedding and a feather bed. I love my feather bed and wouldn't be without it now. My bedding has been, on the whole, great.

The first set I bought did bobble and pill a bit at first, but is now lovely and soft and cuddly to sleep in - CS sent me a letter about it (and many others too) but I decided against sending it back.

The second set is perfect, no problems at all, and it's getting softer and softer the more I wash it. I'd recommend NN, and very often if you're quick you can get very cheap sets in the clearance on the web. I got my last set for £20.
Hi Nikki

Northern nights flannel is getting better my first set ended up as dust sheets as after a few washes the pilling got worse and i had bobbly bits all over the bedroom floor.A few months later i got a letter from qvc about the quality and said i could return but with paint marks on i thought better not. I have since purchased another set it is still pilling but no bobbly bits on the floor it is very soft and warm for the winter and my teenage son loves it he says he feels like he is being cuddled in bed. I have not purchased another set as i am waiting to hear on hear if the quality has improved anymore.
Thanks to those who took the time to reply. I have taken on board what you say and along with the QVC reviews, have decided to purchase item no 827533 as i mentioned before. I will let you know how i get on. All being well i will keep one set for myself and give one away at christmas.
I have several sets of NN flannel - won't sleep in anything else except for when it is really hot (almost never with our climate then!). I always wash any bedding before I put it on the bed as I don't like the smell of new bedding and so this will get rid of some bobbling.

Some sets I have found have bobbled more than others but with all it only lasts for a few washes and wears, then it is lovely, warm and snuggly. Just persevere if you find yours bobble - they do improve

Hope you enjoy yours.:1:
I have quite a few of their flannel items and they are sooooooo warm and cosy, mine have pilled abit in the beginning but they are ok now though. :1:
I have 4 sets, well I did - two bobbled and after the QVC letter I sent them back, I got one refund and am awaiting the snowflakes lilac set to come back into stock - twill be free!

Nikkid - Oh and me love them, but not in Summer.
We simply cant exist without our NN flannel, they might not look as salubrious as some other ranges but they simply cannot be beaten for cosiness :jump:
I ADORE it - my NN flannel addiction has got to the stage where I hide the parcels from my other half.
It is quite difficult when I place it on the bed and say casually.... oh this old thing ..... you've seen it before (sound familiar :))
It does bobble a little but it is the most snuggly lovely bedlinen
I ordered a flannel set more than 10 days ago and it arrived today. i prefer the heavyweight flannel (does not bobble), but this time I ordered a sheet set in clearance. I will put my duvet on top of the sheet.
Very snuggly and cosy!
I contacted QVC and complained about the very slow postage, and..... to my surprise they refunded the postage, which is great, as it was alomost £6
Oh Well done on the postage front Tia - and quite right!
Now I haven't had the heavyweight flannel yet - all mine are patterned ones. And I hven't bought any of the sheets as we use duvets - but I think the patterns of some of the sheets are lovely
Just wanted to report back on my first NN night. I washed and tumble dried my sets ar recommedned in customer reviews before use - such a lit of fluff!! Have one of those condenser dryers and had to empty the wee filter 3 times. The sheets are stilll sheding as my once black PJs confirm but my such a cosy, snuggly nights sleep!! Unfortunately i have never tried flannel before so cannot compare with others brands but i like them very very much zzzzzzzzzz
I , my daughters and my babies (cats) all love it. At the moment , I am sleeping on a posh set of a TSV in high count Buttermilk with a stripe. My girls are sleeping on flannel and argue over pink and blue and my babies, have a single quilt each at the bottom of my bed on a Ottoman complete with feather pillows (snobby cats). I have never gone for a feather bed because what i do is to use last years quilt on the top of the beds and put the fitted sheets over them. As winter duvets are so cheap at Asda or Tesco, we replace them every winter and have been putting them on top of the mattress instead of a feather bed. I buy the double sets for the single beds and a king size set for my double bed. This way, we all sleep like the princess and the pea on lovely squashy beds. I dont really like the idea of an expensive feather bed and this does the job fine.
In fact, i am ashamed to say that we have leather sofas in our living room and in winter, we throw our Northern nights flannel duvet covers inside a cheap duvet and all doss down in front of the tv too. I would never be without Northern nights now. I look out for plane coloured stuff in cream colours during the summer and the whole house resembles a den of comfort upstairs and downstairs. During these times, we all need to save on our bills and so i buy woolly socks and cheap flannel pj`s from be wise and we are all so cosy and save on the bills and smell lovely Yankee candles whilst eating stew. :41:
I find flannel duvet and bottom sheet too much - feels like I'm in velcro!

However I do use the duvet cover as I agree the flannel is very nice in winter. I use two duvets in Winter both NN goose down but the lower fill power - so that in summer 1 is sufficient and then in winter I use both -and for the really cold months use a flannel cover on 1 of them!

I have a memory foam topper as all the featherbeds have gone flat!
Does it really reduce bobbling if you wash the flannel sets before you put them on the bed? I have a new set I was just about to put on....maybe I should wash it first...
I love love my NN flannel I don't have huge issues with it bobbling, you dd get some 'fluff' on the carpet but, after a couple of washes its no problem. I have load of flannel sets too many if I'm honest but, just love the feeling I get from them :D

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