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I purchased some bits from Beauty Pie and had a reaction. I messaged them on Instagram and they asked me to email their customer services with the product details and the batch number from bottom of containers/jar. They then issued me a full refund..great customer service. It was a first order for me and I could have just been "trying it on" . It was made a fairly simple process but not convinced other companies would be so helpful
A few years ago I bought foundation from John Lewis, one of the sales assistants colour matched it for me. Got it home and tried it out and it was orange! Took it back and was given a full refund, no questions asked. I now always buy from the Estee Lauder counter, you get a little pot of colour match foundation and if you don't like it when you get home you can have a full refund on the unopened foundation. Works for me, especially as my colour has changed over the years.
Wow, I didn't realise that! How about cosmetics in general, does that apply also? I must admit I could've done with the mbg on some costly cosmetics I bought another online retailer a couple of years ago, I wasn't allergic to it but, the quality wasn't what I expected and the colours made me look terrible so I ended up binning them. Going back to the skincare/allergy right of refund how do you prove this? I'm guessing that it wouldn't be so simple as to return to boots with the offending product, a red/itchy face or photographic evidence and get your money back, surely there would be questions to answer, forms to fill in etc etc, or would you have to contact the company direct, provide receipts etc etc? Q will refund you no matter why you've regretted your purchase but I still think they should get rid of it and reduce prices and postage all round.
I took some Boots No 7 back as it gave me a dreadful rash and they refunded me. It was the first and last time I used No 7. Luckily I tried it on my arm,it was the same in Debenhams, I bought the papaya enzyme peel as I'd used it before but they changed something and that was the same got a refund.

Nope just took the product back to the counter. You could see it had caused a reaction.
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Tbh, it doesn't sit right with me that people are allowed to wear clothing, footwear, use soft furnishings, cookware for 2 months then return it because we all know that it gets sent out to other customers and sometimes they're sent out to those who've paid full price. Yes a lot of us buy clothes from Charity shops knowing they've been worn before, but at least charity shop items get freshened up before they're put on sale and of course the proceeds go to good causes.
If I received an item of clothing that I would know immediately whether I wanted to keep it or not simply by trying it on. I wouldn't dream of putting it on and going out and about in it, nor would I put a throw on my sofa, let the dog sleep on it, decide that it doesn't look that great and send it back even if I'd washed it. Shoes, I agree that an initially uncomfortable pair could soften up a bit with wear, but again I'd sooner not take the chance - If they don't feel right immediately then back they go. I wouldn't dream of sending back shoes I'd worn unless they fell to bits in a number of weeks. I think everybody's got the right to expect compensation for faulty/poor quality merchandise but of course this is a different matter. Charity shops sell footwear but at least the customer is making an informed choice as to whether to buy them or not. I would say the only "decent" thing the MBG offers is for skincare, I think it would be pretty good to be able to get money back if it turns out you're allergic to something, other than that, I think they should do away with it forthwith and offer the customer better terms elsewhere.
I think that their imo ridiculously outdated & expensive uncapped per item p&p is also to financially cover the cost of the items sent back in the money back time that they can't resell. As well as the actual p&p costs of course.
I got talking to a very nice elderly lady (well just a few years older than me!) some time ago over a coffee and part of the conversation got round to shopping online etc. She said she gets a lot from QVC and is so pleased with the quality.Fine but I said all those P&P costs? She just dismissed that it didn’t worry or did she question it at all .
Oh, the famous letter, virtual slapped wrist for being naughty. They do not distinguish between faulty and a change of mind. Did you know that? It just says on your account returned, no mention of damaged etc.

Some years back and pops up again every so often and this was when 30 MBG was going and of course beauty. Yes, they had a formula for how much product you should use in that period. So if you used too much product, you just got it sent back to you. They even stated it on their Facebook. This was when the presenters used to push, you can send back the empty jar and still get your money back. Total crap, of course.
I’ve never understood how they can justify charging half price postage when you order two of the same item. Surely to goodness someone has thought of putting both in the same packaging, but clearly not. 🙄 They would be next to each other in the warehouse so even a chimpanzee could work out that both could go into one parcel.

That’s one reason why I usually choose to shop elsewhere as most companies do things properly ….. umpteenth items, one package and often free P&P.
i think the p&p that QVC charge is extortionate. I’m sure with the amount they ship out in a year they negotiate massive discounts with the courier companies E.g if they sell 20,000 of a TSV @ £3.95 p&p, that’s a total of £79,000 just for that one item for one day!
I remember the ads with Victoria Principal and her beauty products. She advertised a bottom of the jar return policy on her products.
I only order from QVC if the item and postage are cheaper than I can get elsewhere.

If the item is the same price and I'm likely to try then return, I'll buy off QVC. If it's the same price and I don't need to try it, I order elsewhere.
I'm the same, although I don't mind paying slightly more to try something I have the biggest feeling I might return it. Like I said previously, I would much rather waste the postage cost than the £40 or more that the item or set costs to try out something new.

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