No more Christmas Deccies!!!!!


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Jun 29, 2008
Does anyone know why QVC have taken their Deccies down so soon after Christmas Day?
Talk about mean spirited.
I'm so pleased to read this thread. Usually I take my deccies down on 1st Jan, but I actually felt like taking them down last night. I think I will put them all away now, nice to feel I'm not alone in my thoughts.
I think its mean that QVC have taken them down so soon after Christmas Day.
Mine stay up til the 6th Jan.
Mine come down after my birthday on 2nd Jan, Having said that we only put up a small tree this year, So not much to put away.
It is all a bit bah humbug from them, but aren't the graphics still the Christmas green?

Edit: Ah, Jules has some up behind him now
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I did toy with taking mine down today, but will probably leave until next weekend - not hanging around to the 6th tho' :23: You can't do the dusting properly.
I'm with you traditionalists: keeping the decorations up til 6 Jan. All you others wanting to take them down because you're getting fed up with them probably put them up in October!!
Guess I must be of the old school. We keep to the traditional "Twelfth Night" on Jan 6th before we take ours down.

We always did this - but now take them down nearest weekend day to 12th night - but never after.

My dad died this year and he was our last parent. My Mum and lovely parents in law died some years ago - but within 11 months of each other. My parents in law just 6 weeks apart. Too many memories this year and I would have been quite happy to take decs down half hour after putting them up!
I'm so sorry to hear that, Snuffles.
I hope you managed to enjoy Christmas a little. It's so sad to spend Christmas without our loved ones.
M xxx
Twelfth Nighter here too :)

My local supermarket is already stocking up the easter stuff :/

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