No Leighton Denny TSV?


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Jun 24, 2008
Well the QVC TV guide is on the website upto 21 December and no Leighton Denny TSV, I can't even see a Leighton Denny show before Christmas :sad1:

Glad I got the Nails Inc TSV now, I was going to wait for a Leighton Denny one instead but changed my mind :SANTA:

They usually keep telling you when it's the last show before Xmas, did I miss that last time he was on?
I never buy LD - or really any nail stuff but maybe he is aiming for the New Year/New You look and get in with new Spring colours really early.
It is not that long since there was an LD TSV is it? I don't think there is any more than two from him a year.
I bought that TSV (with the little bottles) which was subsequently slated by a few reviews on the QVC website. I didn't mind some seemed a bit thick but after using them for a while my nails got in terrible condition, all splitting which I have never had before. People have always commented how nice my nail always are so this has put me off the brand. I have been growing them out since the summer now trying to get them back to normal.

I did love the buffer file in the kit though.

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