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Haven't watched for quite a while but have spotted a few new female presenters. Don't know who's on now but jeez what a monotonous repetitive dialogue she's spouting. :YAWN: And one last night was it Caroline Fraser(?) I quite like regional accents but hers drove me mad. :YIKES: :pPC:
Heard one lady the other day with a distinct American twang. Doesn't bother me at all (quite like it in fact) but I thought there may be one or two who might have commented adversely...
I'm not too gone on most of the new ladies they've brought in...getting used to Kay and Christine (the Canadian lady), but the others are pretty forgettable, and I'm distinctly unimpressed by the dress Caroline was wearing the other night (grey with one sleeve cut off).
Program guide has a couple more new names- Annie Jenkins and Marc Cherrie- starting over the next couple of nights. TJC seems to be getting through new presenters pretty quickly...
There's a new fella on who I've only ever seen once.......but I do wish he'd pause for breath once in a while.

He also says "ladies and gentlemen" in pretty much every single sentence, which drove me bonkers!

I don't watch TJC as much as I used to as I don't particularly want anything (not to mention can't afford anything) at the moment!

I'd rather watch that than Gems though. Don't know what's going on there!!
In a word NO, she's probably a very nice girl, I just find her presenting style really get's on my wick!!!!!

There's one now called Kay who drones in a common-as-muck London or Essex monotone and talks complete bollox. Have to switch that tart off. :HUMP: BTW I'm from London so don't all get on my case. :rolleyes: :pPC:
Sits firmly in PPC's corner with the sound turned down ...

Kay has the same effect on me as Adina does on t'other side. I can't bear to watch either of them ... they drive me absolutely insane.

Although, I have to say that Kay is worse than Adina.
:YIKES:OMG I thought they'd got rid of the bumpkin Caroline but she's still there!! :YIKES: That voice:YIKES: that accent :YIKES: that lack of cohesion in stringing one sentence to another. :rolleyes: Can't stand it, back to watching Rocks:pPC:
wasnt Caroline one of the production team who did the 'karaoke programme' (cant remember the name) with Ben Sheppard & co .....

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