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May 4, 2009
Cambridge Uk
I see Chef Paul has finally launched his second cook book, I was quite intrigued as I have a halogen oven and love using it, but just tried ordering it from the Ideal website but its not listing its there !... Item 156768 :sad: ... Mark
It's not on the website as yet, you will need to phone I'm afraid. I have got my copy and it is brilliant, will be nice to cook something else and not just sausages and bacon :)
Thanks Graham, nothing wrong with a bit of sausage and bacon:cheeky:
I'll give them a bell and grab a copy, as I think it will be popular... its a great idea as there is hardly any halogen cook books available, if any... Mark
I've done nothing but praise my halogen oven and now it's broke :sad:

Mine went after a few weeks so I sent it back. They refunded me the cost of the oven but not the P&P so I emailed them about it and they apologised and are refunding that too. Their CS definitely seems to be improving, as back in the day I never got a reply to anything.
Anyway... I'm now waiting for that Cuisinart POD to arrive. Cuisinart stuff looks really good so I hope it is. :hi:

Those halogen ovens are great to use but don't seem to last very long do they?
Thanks for the recommendation. I saw the banner advert and have just bought 2 books as my parents are into cooking with their halogen oven and were complaining that the book that came with it (a JML one I think, but bought from the Telegraph website) wasn't very exciting. I've just received a hologen oven ordered from Coopers so am looking forward to my book from Ideal World arriving. I haven't dared use it yet - it looks a bit scary!!
I was waiting for these to come back on air but the Cuisinart came on so I bought that instead and after having the round Nu wave I think I prefer the square shape to the round.
Hey they are selling the halogen oven again, been waiting months, I am going to order another for my dad, I love the oven so much plus Chef Pauls new halogen cook book is very good...
Hey folks if you have a Boyes in Town they sell Halogen ovens for £39.99, dosent have the swinging arm tho
Yeah but on the other hand you need to have the room, we have cabinets above the worktop so wouldnt be able to open a swinging lid, swings and roundabouts as they say
Halogen oven died last night, was only few months old... I really fancied bacon sarnie this morning to, typical after I just recieved Pauls new cook book he he, I guess it has a years warrenty... shame as I wanted to use it for christmas day for my chicken...
I thought mine had died after a couple of months as well but I found if I really bang the lid (and I mean bang it) down it works OK Might be worth a try

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