NC10 terrible presentation


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It has already been documented about the terrible price and delivery that QVC are charging for the NC10 ... well it just got worse SIMON SMITHIES is back demonstrating, WHY? thought they had got rid of him.
i wasnt really taking notice when it was on earlier... so that wasnt the same bloke as the one who presented when it was the tsv then? i cant say i noticed the difference so they must both be very bland.

isnt jill franks crap at technology (my lovely)?

im loving my samsung, my lovely. i dont care that i may have paid a bit over the odds for it, it have it on 4 EZpays and dont have to think about anything till its paid for. and mine arrived very quickly - about 5 days so i cant complain about that (although the delivery charge WAS a rip off!).

anyway my bubble aint burst so ner ner ner :O)

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