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Jul 5, 2008
:33:May i ask if any of you have owned mystic topaz for a long time ?
my reason for asking is i only have one ring that i have'nt worn very much but my friend seen it and fell in love with it, so i got her one plus earings and a pendant that her hubby paid for as her xmas pressies. She took the ring to a little independant jeweller for resizing and he told her basically that she had wasted her money because the colour will wash off in water and if she wears it in the sun i will bleach the colour out and she will have a clear stone
We all know its a white topaz thats coated to give it colour but i have never heard anyone say that they have had one and its lost all its colour. she is naturally very disappointed to hear this and i have given her steves E-mail address so she can get his opinion and i'm sure rocks will refund her the cost if she is not happy and wants to send it back .I just thought i would try and find out from all you rockaholics if you have had a problem with mystic topaz
as far as I am aware the mystic coating is perminent, never heard of it washing off! and alot of gems are sensitive to the sun but none of mine have ever suffered from me wearing them in the sun! you will find that alot of independant jewellers are very funny about dealing with items from any of the shopping telly channels, shops cannot compete price wise and they get very jealous! hope that helps.
Sorry not going to be of much help but I have had mystic topaz rings and pendants for 4 years and yet to see and dis colouration. I wear it in summer so its been exposed to sunshine and have washed up dishes without gloves and the colours are still there. I believe the colour coating is a permanent one so am surprised at the jewellers :rolleyes:

I love mystic topaz and have blue mystic, green mystic and have yet to see any coating washing off!!!
The places that sell it including Rocks and Gems have indicated that it is a permanent treatment whenever questioned about it.
I have plenty, but only bought it in the last couple of years and I can't say it's had a hard life with me, however it's all intact.
Sun damage I have no idea about, but I'm 99% certain there's no way it's gonna wash off in water - no way they would still be selling it if that was the case! All those refunds under warranty would not make it viable IMO.
I've got Mystic Topaz earrings and I have had them for years, I wear them in the shower and they're still as good as the day I bought them.
thankyou for your replies
I was pretty sure if it was going to come off in water or get bleached out by sunlight i would of heard about it on here , but as i said i am a newbie with mystic topaz myself so your comments are appreciated I'll get her to read this in the hope that she feels confident to wear her new jewellery and keeps on loving it
Interesting thread, thank you ladies.

I just received a mystic topaz pendant from Rocks this week (and it's fabulous) and I was wondering about the coating myself.

Don't think I would risk doing the gardening in a MT ring though!
Here's the skinny ladies:

Topaz mystic, aurora and all the fancy names etc are basically a coated gemstone. It won't wash off.

However, if you hit the stone and it chips, it will expose the "real" Topaz underneath. For this reason, you couldn't have it re-cut etc and re-setting can be problematic because it can scratch/chip off the colour. That's really the only danger to it. The manufacturers who have patented the coating say "treat it like a pearl or an opal" which suggests a certain amount of care.

I'm not sure whether it should go in an ultrasonic or not.
sounds like gem snobbery to me Milly - pay that fella no mind!

I agree with Sammi Milly. I haven't bought one thing from a jewellers since I found QVC and then 'Regular' jewellers can't compete with the amazing discounts, the huge range of styles or the variety of gemstones.

I have a small pair of mystic topaz studs and, while they wouldn't get the battering that rings and bracelets might get, they have been fine. Very pretty and unusual too.
I read online that the coating is permanent - but "boiling" it is not recomended - LOL I am no expert but does ANYONE "boil" their bling??? LOL :D

Also you are correct Meeshoo - it shouldnt go through an ultrasonic bath :)
I read online that the coating is permanent - but "boiling" it is not recomended - LOL I am no expert but does ANYONE "boil" their bling??? LOL :D

Also you are correct Meeshoo - it shouldnt go through an ultrasonic bath :)

Damn, I was gonna put all mine on to a boil wash in the washing machine, thought that would sort the dirty little beggars out....

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