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was that summer?
Jun 24, 2008
As promised, here are some pics - please excuse carp photography, it's really difficult to photograph yourself!

Multi gem flower pendant


Swiss blue topaz in rose gold


Swiss blue topaz

Mystic topaz & diamonds - my first steal from Rockstv for £20!


Aquamarine & diamonds in white gold - 21st birthday present for my niece, hope she loves it!


Blue topaz & marcasite earrings - Xmas pressie for friend.


Absolute no brainer! I got this onyx & marcasite ring for just £7 and it's fabulous!


Lovely sparkly white topaz earrings, birthday pressie for friend on Tuesday.


Mystic topaz pendant to go with my ring & earrings.


My favourite piece of all, multi gem bracelet which I battled hard with Siren for!


It's sooooo beautiful :D
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Some lovely pieces PIL - I particulary like the 3 stone ring, very nice :D

Are you happy with them all?

I agree with you about the black onyx - I too bought it because it was a bargain and I love it :jump:
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That is one gorgeous selection Pick-a-Lily- you've done well. Really love the multi-gem bracelet and the aquamarine ring. :D Your niece is a lucky girl.
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Thanks bsb, yes, I love them all. - even though some of them aren't for me The only thing I had to return was a pink topaz bracelet which arrived with a stone missing - it was rolling about loose in the box. Having looked at the bracelet closely, I didn't think the gold prongs were strong enough for the size of the stones so I returned it for a refund rather than exchange. I would never have been happy wearing it as I would always be checking to see if it was still intact. The multi gem bracelet is much stronger and has nearly twice the gold content of the pink topaz one one.
What a fab selection of pretties you have there PAL:)

How pretty is the first pendant??? simply beautiful!

I also have a couple of items you have,the trilogy swiss blue in rose gold is simply divine isn't it and I also have the MT....again my first purchase too.

I need those marcasite earrings!!!! they will match the ring I got,I hope they come on again soon.

Enjoy all your lovely items.:)
Some lovely items, I really really really like the multi gem pendant in the first pic.

As my Mum would say, I wish you well to wear them (the ones you're keeping anyway!)
I know the ring you mean sweetpea! The earrings are beautiful but they feel heavy to me, I would not be able to wear them myself. Hope they will be OK for my friend though, she's much younger than me and wears the big danglies all the time!
So many gorgeous pieces P-A-L, would be happy to own most of those myself! Great choice hun, enjoy wearing them! :)

That bracelet really is stunning. I'm going to have to keep an eye out for another one. Also love that multigem pendant, I've been eyeing it up the last couple of times it's been on. Well done you :)
Well I was thinking that you must have spent a LOT of money there - until I came to the post that said everything except the bracelet was under £30. That's amazing.

I like the flower pendant for its design and the Mystic Topaz pendant for its size.

You'd better buy a safe!
well done some lovely bling there i liked the look of the multi gem pendant 2,very nice..lucky girl x:)
There's been lots of great deals and bargains from Rocks Jantac, some are allmost too good to be true!
Watch out for Tabs Jantac, she's using an assumed name on Rocks, then swoops in and nicks things from under your nose :D She's a demon sniper:not worthy: but I'm gonna get my OH some cufflinks if it kills me!!!:laugh:

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