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Jun 24, 2008
Chilling in Cheshire
I was so impatient waiting for this one to arrive, sadly it didn't make it before my holiday but it and a silver/blue topaz pendant (Klosblue has posted a pic of this one) were waiting for me on my return.

Diamond and white gold pendant - guide is £200.00 and I got it for £18.00 - incredible! :D
(another one went for, I think £28.00, last night)


It's really beautiful - my favourite purchase so far. :biggrin
oooh - that's so lovely Sara - will have to keep my open open for one of those - it's delish!!
:) thats lovely ,i keep admiring that when it comes up,glad you are happy with it..:)
Sorry to hear you didn't get your goodies before your holiday Sara but I bet you had a great time never the less! I really like the look of this pendant and it would go with the White Gold and Diamond ring .................NO STOP - I must not buy anymore I must not buy any more I must not buy any more I must not buy any more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:p

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