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Jun 24, 2008
Yorkshire Uk
Hi guys, My delivery arrived nice and early, Some keepers, some returns, the keepers are fab..Here's some pics!

Firstly...Blue Diamond 1 carat ring. This one has blown me away, wasn't really sure i would like them but they are stunning. A lovely teal blue shade. Great weight to the ring too.

2nd Pic with Flash

Hubbys Blue Diamond ring, Again stunning, lovely shade of blue. Very weighty ring, very high polish too!

Garnet pendant...Hankered after this one for a while. Finally got it at a great price. Lovely piece, great colour Garnet...Glad i waited!

Pearl necklace...Lovely shape and colour. Love the t-bar fastening too!

Beautiful tabs (I have the pearl necklace, which I love) - so wish I could buy the rings but most of them wont resize smaller for me.

What are you sending back - I'm always curious (or nosey! :lol)
The big Tookalon multi pendant...Its a little large even for me and the stones a tad too pale..reluctantly returning. Rubellite ring...unfortunately a "flawed" central going back for replacement too.

Those blue diamonds.........gawjuss:32:

The garnet day I will have one too and I already have the pearl necklace,so classy yet modern.

Fab stuff, I jealous?

U bet I am!!!!:30:
Lovely pieces Tabs and I really like the T-bar fastening on the necklace.

I would love to see that design with peacock coloured pearls.
:1: smashing haul Tabs....I have the pearl necklace and the garnet pendant...
They are fab aren't they!!!?
The blue diamonds are fabulous only I prefer yellow gold...would be tempted though
to turn to white gold lol!!!!
Mirabelle xx :1:
Wow, Tabs, what a haul! I'm so glad you're pleased with the blue diamonds. I have the ladies, hubby the gents only for a lot more than you paid. I'm not one to hold a grudge though, I think they're well worth what I paid. :D

Mirabelle, have a try of the bd in white gold. It really suits it and makes them more of an icy blue.
They're all beautiful. I was tempted by the pearl necklace but had already ordered the necklace and bracelet I got today and have already got three pearl necklaces so sat on my hands, but it looks lovely.

The Garnet pendant looks stunning - I'm blown away by the colour of the garnet. Afraid I'm on the very slippery slope. Hankering after some diamond studs but they may have to wait.
Lovely Tabs, shame about the 'Whopper', but that garnet pendant is really classy looking. I wish they'd do a simple pearl bracelet to match their white/pink pearls tho'.

Well done Tabs on some cracking pieces. Is this your first foray into the world of coloured diamonds......if it is...I'm sure it won't be your last. :D

I think I saw your BD up for auction, or has it been on a few times? Looks a very weighty ring in WG? Your hubs ring looks very smart, I haven't seen this one before, is he going to model it for us? :mysmilie_738.gif: The pearls look very classy indeed - and aren't their boxes great?
That blue diamond ring is gorg...have looked at that a few times but unfortunatley it won't size big enough for me :-(
Thanks all, Both diamonds were true bargains..too good to let go! Hubbys ring was £65.. a real steal...very weighty too. My ring was £95 for a carat of blue diamonds..9.2 grams of white gold! Yes, this is my first real dip into coloured diamonds. Just have a small "cognac" eternity style ring from the "3 letter channel". The garnet is stunning, gorgeous colour and the first time i've seen it got under £30..i nabbed it for £25.

I agree its a shame about the "whopper" but the lovely Tony is tracking down a replacement for me :1:
good grief wot a huge ring Tabs, wot a stonker! for less than a hundred quid you've bagged yourself a real bargain there. nice you've kind of got his n hers rings :D

am loving Rocks garnets. am a big fan of the garnet family generally and have them in all sorts of colours, but only ever loose stones before - now I've got earrings and pendant from RTV, am really pleased. haven't worn them to work yet but it will be soon - when I'm back in black :D
Lol Thanks Sammi, His n Hers wasnt intentional, but as we got both for what he'd expected to pay for his he couldnt exactly so no! :54:
Oo, lovely!
I don't think the blue diamond would suit me unfortunately, I've been tempted a few times, but I suspect it's too chunky for my hand (rather like the london blue topaz one that went back a couple of weeks ago). Shame, coz it's a stunner.
Loving the gents one - even more I think! Lucky hubby!
I've also been hovering over the bid button on the garnet, but I have so much garnet already I've resisted.
Do the pearls look nice worn "back to front" with the extender as a dangle? I wouldn't ever go for a plain strand like that, but I've considered trying it like that, wouldn't mind knowing what you think.
Hope you get your returns replaced with good'uns, and enjoy these!

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