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Aug 2, 2009
I have this in my basket

It says the origin of the demantoid garnets are unknown. Should I be suspicious? Why doesn't it say Namibia?

However, the ring is exactly the same (apart from being in white gold rather than yellow gold) as one featured on Deals of the Day channel today - but this one is Green Sapphires rather than Demantoid Garnet.

Do you think they've got it wrong and the one in my basket is really Green Sapphires?

I am a little concerned and thinking about binning the one in my basket.
I doubt it, Greenie - I'd be pretty sure it's demantoid. It doesn't look quite like green sapphire in the photo, being a more yellowy green, and I've never known Gems get the gemstone muddled like that - much more likey to make a slip-up-over the origin.

Don't bin it if you want it - when you get it, you'll soon know if it's green sapphire rather than demantoid as they look completely different IRL. If you're really uncertain, why not contact CS?
I seem to recall that where GemsTV didn't know the actual mine (or country) because they'd bought in the stones they put N/A instead of something they weren't sure about. Unfortunately, it's impossible to tell from photoshopped photos if something is a green sapphire or a demantoid garnet and you'd need to see them IRL. I doubt, as Miss M has said, that GemsTV have put the wrong stones in the ring. I'd put money on them being demantoids - just with location unknown.

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