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Jan 5, 2009
Murano Glass 9ct Gold Star Pendant on 50cm Silk Cord
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Bring sensational sparkle to your look with a star-shaped pendant. It encompasses the beauty of classic hand-blown Murano glass with a contemporary design and measures about 30mm x 25mm (1.2" x 1"). The coloured glass has been enriched with luscious 9 carat gold foil, giving it a glamorous shimmer. Select from deep Purple, delicious Chocolate or glamorous Gold. A large textured bail attaches it to the cord necklace, which secures with a toggle clasp and measures about 50cm (20") in length; however it can be worn with any chain in your collection.

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got some red murano earrings not long back,they are nice but weigh very heavy in my ears!!
cant wear them for long before they get on my nerves
Thanks ever so much! When this was a TSV I had difficulty choosing between brown & purple. I got the brown & have loved it. I really like the cord & don't have any problems with the closure at the back just being a knot you push through a loop. It's never come undone accidentally & it's easier than most lobster claw or bolt ring fastenings. I've now gone for it in the purple too!
I really like those earings, might have to get those :33:

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