More shiny things arrived yesterday!


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Jun 24, 2008
Church of Schumacher, recruiting again!
Bit of a mixed bag with this order:


The only item I've ever ordered from Rocks that I've taken an instant dislike to. It doesn't suit me either, and the brushed finish looks a little damaged. Such a shame as the stone is a stunner.


I'm a bit scared to open these, coz they don't look much in the bag! I have got another pair in this weekend's order (and a pair due from QVC - obsessive? Me?) so I think I'll leave this and do a comparison before I do anything drastic like commit! I know they look fab on Darls, on the website and on the webcam, I daresay I'll get over the trepidation!


Lovely lovely pink topaz ring, but the colour is just a bit too much for my taste. Shame as I've wanted this for months! Still, now I know I can stop hassling them to do the bracelets in white gold.


Another one of those I wish I could keep but that just don't work on me. Don't get me wrong, I love a big rock, but I can't carry off one this size I'm afraid. This is one of the nicest rings I've ever seen. The ornate workmanship, the stunning stone - and I can't believe how little I paid. Sure I could sell this easily for double on eBay, but I'm sending it home instead. If you have a bigger hand than me (like Barbie does) please consider the Sarah Bennett range, they are totally outstanding.


Another one I've been waiting for for ages! And this one lives up to expectations - and beyond. Unfortunately there's a pearl missing, have just emailed to see if I can get a replacement - fingers crossed, because I love it.


Wow, another gorgeous ring, my fave mystic topaz one to date. I'm just very slightly concerned that maybe it's a little too similar to my previous one:

Would you keep both? I'm certainly tempted to, interested to hear what you think.


I really really wanted this one! In all honesty it's a bit big for me, but I'll just bang it further up my arm, it's not the first bangle I own that lives up there!


And my absolute favourite. Doubles as a brooch too, which is handy as I don't have a really nice one for pinning myself together when I start to burst out all over!!! I actually love this piece, thrilled with it and chuffed with the price.

So fingers crossed Katherine can sort me out a replacement necklace, bye bye to a couple of items not for me and a bit of a ??? as I wait to make a decision on a couple more.
Stunning haul and fab photos! I love the simplicity of the MT ring, but I can see what you mean about similarity. Did you get it for a good price? Your matching necklace and bangle are quite something, no wonder you are so chuffed with them. The pearl necklace looks just wonderful on you and I'll keep my fingers crossed that they've got a replacement.
I've bought a couple of similar pearls necklaces for naughty daughters, so hope they'll be as nice - should be arriving Tues or Wed.
Wow Anne another great selection of goodies. I agree with you about the brushed silver - not my cup of tea either. I have the Pink topaz and Mystic Topaz rings and I love them! The Mystic Topaz is a beautiful stone - I have a yellow gold one I bought ages ago and to be honest when I saw it I couldn't understand why everyone bought them but something made me give it another chance and I am so glad I did! The difference between the one I have and this one is amazing. Your keepers are fab - they suit you so well. The pearl necklace is amazing on you but unfortunately that style doesn't suit me which is a real pain because I really love it.
Enjoy them all.
Lovely pieces Anne, I agree with you about the pink topaz...mine went back also, just wasn't me! Re the being me, i would keep both:eek: Loving the pearl necklace, but wouldnt suit me...looks fab on you tho! Enjoy them x
OMG how gorgeous are those, ALL of them. They look stunning, that pearl necklace REALLY looks fab on you but OMG I have fallen in love with that bangle.
Shame you are returning some but no point in keeping them if you don't absolutely love them.

Those earrings look a lot better on you know......;)
no doubt about it, you definitely are the PearlyQueen! amazing necklace brooch and bangle - I can see you with granny boots, long skirt or black trousers and winter shawl with brooch pinned - flinging off shawl at pub to reveal low cut top with in yer face big pearly neckpiece on!

I love how such a dainty thing as you is brave enough to go for the big ornate pieces.
must say I'd love to see that big yellow stonker on your middle finger - you'd carry it off there no worries. love both of your MTs - tough decision...

agree about the brushed silver ring - definitely not you.
Wow Anne! The pearl necklace looks stunning on you. I think the yellow stonker looks fab too but if its not you then send it back. I love the pink topaz and the MT ring as i have them too! Shame you did not like the pink topaz.

The brushed ring I agree - does not suit you. I have a brushed ring which is fine but its not chunky - set of three and that does not look bad.
Wowzer! Stunning pieces there, Anne!

They all look fab on you except the blue topaz ring which I don't really don't like and it doesn't suit you at all ... apologies to anyone who has it and loves it. :eek:

I can't think of many people who could get away with wearing that pearl necklace but, boy, you certainly can! You certainly live up to your Rocks user name. ;)

And another one who thinks you should keep the mystic topaz! :D
They are all stunning , i agree too not so keen on the brushed silver ring ,and the mystics are keepers i reckon..:)
Oooo Anne, what stunners, I prefer the cushion cut MT, but they are both lovely, I was seriously tempted by the pearls but got the 7 strand one instead on your recommendation.
Love the pearls Anne. I also think you can carry off the lemon citrine, I think it looks gorgeous on you. As for the MT, which of them goes best with your bracelet? Keep that one and send the other back if you can, buy something else with the money!

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