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Jun 24, 2008
Church of Schumacher, recruiting again!
Well, here we are nearly 2 weeks later, so what's happening you may ask...
OK, I had the card through the door re the "never ordered" ring, which I had redelivered to work today. It's a lovely ring now I've seen it - but where's my other order? Tomorrow makes 10 working days... Their website says 3 or 4 for delivery.
AND - the paperwork with the ring advises that their resizers charge now! When I ordered, it said FREE resizing, just pay return p&p (that's still on their website by the way). The paperwork says silver £13, 9k £16, 18k £20 and platinum £30. Be aware.
You are not having a good day today PQ Sending you hugs xx Hope you receive your order soon. What is the mystery ring?
Poor Pearly, it never rains does it?

I have to say after a long time of not buying from the TV, I did buy a very small pair of diamond earrings from TJC a couple of weeks ago. Did have a small problem in that my card was refused, and when I rang CC company was told they were given the wrong number!!! Anyway, that was sorted easily enough, and my earrings arrived a day earlier than expected.

As I say, there were tiny, but sparkly, and very reasonably priced.

Did have a small problem in that my card was refused, Anyway, that was sorted easily enough,
How strange Mad, I had the same problem with a web order. I didn't get round to querying it and lo and behold the item arrived on Monday. It's a platinum diamond cross and chain, smallish and not expensive but quite gorgeous and fine for everyday wear. Hope your other item turns up Anne and the very least their CS can do is to waive the ring resizing fee. :pPC:
Oooooooooo very nice PPC, my earrings were from their exclusive cheapo bog standard range! :rofl:

Surely you mean their classic range Mad. :13: :pPC:

Edit: Just noticed old Camilla's got a tomato right smack in her ugly mush, love it!! :SUE:

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