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Apr 14, 2009
Bath The City which is full of Tourists & Students
I'm sorry I know it's been posted before but it has to be seen to be believed. Moira and her its a *rap. There's Moira, Julie the model and Loen wearing them, all saying they are (soooo slimming )Yeah of course they are NOT. Don't like to be horrible but they all look like sacks of potatoes.!!!! This item should seriously be banned it's absolutely vile. Please dont tell me anybody actually ownes one.

Wow I feel so much better now, and feel I must try and get out more.
Well I'm shocked and stunned sja!! You mean you DON'T want this season's must have, tut tut, you're just not 'with it' :4: :laugh:

Boo-hoo! My eyes, my eyes!

You 'orrible lot made me switch over to look, now I won't be able to sleep tonight.
I don't get them why not just buy a pair of trousers already sewn up.:thinking2:
Geez they just put on the matching scarf and sunglasses I need a drink or therapy.:confused2:
My best friend just came round and over a glass or three I "introduced" her to Moira :D

She said she thought it was good and wanted one :doh: as I stared in disbelief...

Once I described what might happen to her in an airplane loo, or how she might drop it down the loo after she'd had a few she saw the light :sun:
Apart from the fact I'd never wear them (way too complicated for the loo - and what about wet floors??). I do like some of the patterns.
Also watched it and had a great laugh - they're having fun anyway.
Did hear before they could be used as a wrap skirt (which sounds more sensible) -but they never mention that now!
This thread reminds me of a comment she made. She compared her itsacrap to Dior and Channel :grin::wait2:
I must admit that I do like Moira's scarves and I have one of her Velutti bags; after about 8 years I still use it, but what the heck is the itsa**ap all about? Talk about a windsock. You must also end up with a very baggy gusset.

I am short and fat, so if I bought one of her trouser/skirt creations, I would look shorter and fatter. They are not flattering.

She also said you can hang them up on the hook in an airplane's toilet, but how would you get it back on as there is so much material? I fly long haul for my annual holiday and the state of the toilets towards the end of the flight would make it totally impractical to try and put the thing back on again. It would be all wet - yuk!

I think a person would be better off buying lightweight trousers than fiddling around with the wrap thing.

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