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Jun 25, 2008
Hello ladies and Gents

Anyone know what the reference number for the footfile is on QVC? I missed the TSV a while ago and now cannot find it at all.
Plus can anyone recommend another alternative if the above is not the best one to use.

Hi and welcome, get the Microplane if you can it is fab. I got mine last week and it is brilliant i can see a vast improvement on the old dry foot front.
Hi Miss Molly, yeh, I reckon I will go for it. I have been reading a lot about how effective it is. Cannot wait to have the for nice smooth feet of my youth!
It's really odd how things disappear, I was trying to find this and searched under microplane with no success but when I was looking at a nails inc item the file appeared as a "may we also suggest" item.

Mine arrived yesterday and I had a go last night and it's great. It's really satisfying seeing all the skin collect in the back, it's a bit like vacuuming with a Dyson in that you can see that you must be making a difference. Just a word of warning though the consensus of opinion seems to be that you should go easy at first rather than going mad as overdoing it can leave your feet a bit tender.
Been umming and aarring about getting this for weeks, seemed a bit expensive, but now seeing your comments I've just ordered it.


Linda :)
Erics mum, believe me, you'll love it. When this came up as a TSV, I thought, what a joke! Then an earlier thread clearly showed that people were loving this, and as the state of my feet deteriorated (as it always does in the Summer), I thought I'd give it a try. Well, I am well and truly converted! Thanks once again to the lovely ST members for their precious feedback!:)

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