Mexican Fire Opal


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Aug 5, 2008
Item Number 840818

Big, rather gorgeous Mexican Fire Opal... anyone watching/ see this? What do you think of it?
Let me just say in advance that I like big gemstones BUT this is bliddy awful (sorry). It's almost the size of Tony's head. Way way way too big. Yuck yuck and double yuck.

I'd rather wear a knuckle duster!


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I rather like the setting.... I am fond of knuckle dusters!!

I think it looks clumsy on Stacey's hand because it is a size "T".... I think on the correct finger size it would look much better. I wasn't completely bowled over by the slightly "gummy" opal, though the overall colour is a great marmalade shade.... but it's that setting.... I like it!
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It reminds me of a vintage fan! Although I have to say I'm seriously NOT a fan :giggle: I don't think even if you had hands the size of the jolly mexican giant that ring would look good!!!
It's a size T?? Please tell me it's not intended as a gents' ring (unless Liberace has started watching Rocks & Co)!

OK, so I know some ladies do take a size T, but probably not all that many - it's a big size for a woman. If they want to make a larger ladies' ring, why not do a size R or something?
If it's for Liberace the delivery man's got a long trek! How much is delivery to the Pearly Gates? :giggle:
Wait till you see the new design ranges Arge and I are working on, Klos....... everything from bling to curtains...... it'll blow your socks off....... the new Fran and Anna team are spreading their wings in all directions.... we plan to take over the world....... starting with Bognor Regis, I think..... Arge is making those decisions.....

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