Memory foam pillow blooper clip....


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She really did play that off well

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She may be annoying, and clearly thinks jo-public are as thick as 2 short planks. But she really is a good presenter,as someone else mentioned, you really have to watch this twice.
We were watching it live and it was my mum who pointed it out. I missed it the first time but watching it again it was so obvious. Nicely covered though.
Its funny because the video is only about a minute and a half - probably the shortest airtime ever given to an item! AK probably had the producer yelling in her ear to wrap it up and move on ASAP...:11:
I have just this minute watched Charlie demonstrating this exact same item, (Velour Covered Memory Foam Pillow Rejuvenator).......& guess what? Yep, I'm pretty certain the zip broke halfway & he flipped it over real quick!
My eyesight's terrible & I couldn't get the video link to work but there was a definite 'pop' & then pillow bulging everywhere! Can't believe they're still selling this! :11:
Charlie has just had the same problem with this and tried to cover it up but not very well!!

Oh, I'm sorry Finsnan - I had typed my reply but was still trying to get the video link to work before hitting reply!
Glad to hear my eyesight's not that bad then & I really had seen what I thought I'd seen! lol
Definetly broke, poor Charlie. Did you notice that the guest presenter when demonstrating the mattress topper cover after the tsv demo made a point of stating that the cover has a "big fat brass zipper", I wonder why?

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