Megadrop Scandal


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Dec 2, 2008
They had a flat screen TV on a few minutes - It dropped to £157 and the out loud the announcement said Megadrop. The price didnt drop but the TVs sold in about 10 seconds. The presenter kept saying after it closed it wasnt a megadrop as the M didnt come up on screen and ignore what it said - he wouldnt say it said megadrop.This all after it had been sold. Definately one for the complaints commission!
Yes i saw that. They will blame it on the earlier power cut. Also did you see 2 of peters megadrops refused to go to £1 locking at £14.99 for the pendant and £9.99 for the pillows.

Did anyone also hear danielle this afternoon promise to do something to the price of a blow up couch when they came back from the vt and she never did anything but let it slowly lock up
they say if the grafix say £1 then thats the final price if not then you pay the final screen price.i would speak to ofcom, or westminster trading standards (there region) if what you're saying is true.they are sods for playing games when its megadrops!
Bid have had big troulbes with their phone lines this morning.
Indeed so, i just tried for the suede and leather bag, Lynn promised it below £10. There was a qty of 60 on screen and i phoned but it was a dead line???????? Then it megadropped.....

Will all the winners listed on the website be fake names??
Yes i was watching til 11:00 pm until i got bored of the fuzzy screens so i recorded from 11-1:30am so ive recorded it (unlucky sit-up)

I was the megadrops with peter aswell .

yes because adam have the telly and the train sirens came in and iut went MEGADROP and they went so fast and when there were 3 left he said its not a megadrop as the graphics didnt come on the screen.

If you want to see this ask and ill show you.

When peter sold the 4 phones for 1 pohnd i think they wernt meant to go for a pound it was because the fuzzy screen was behind him.
Did anyone manage to get the enova 8gb mp4 player last night? I did but havent recieved an e-mail from them and its not showing up in the previous auctions page.


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