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Aug 5, 2008
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Now i've tried my best but my camera is old and carp! lol
Its so hard to show the cutting its weird its almost scissor cut one way then scissor cut the other way (if that makes any sense!


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Also the Alexandrite, the problem with the cut is its been cut to thin on one of the corners, so is loose in the setting!


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GC - great photos of the Kunzite. From what I can see, that's a great cut and highly unusual. It's obviously been cut by a master cutter and on that basis, I'd hang onto it. What I might be tempted to do is see if there is somewhere that would be able to heat the gem to see if it can be pinker (if it bothers you). Holts who are based in London have their own gem school and I think might know where you could send it. I've seen some of their work and I'm not 100% sure I'd want them to do it - others may have a different experience but some of their cutting is, ummmmm, errrrrrr, well, you get the picture! I'll also ask Luke because he may know of somewhere and will PM you if I get any news.

As for the Alex - it's a native cut alright but, without having it re-cut, you could actually have it re-set and then it would sit tighter in the setting. It looks very much like the claw on the skinny side of the gem is too high and doesn't fold over as much as it should - couple that with the notch the gem is sitting in is probably too wide and you'll definitely have a wobbly stone! It's easily rectified though and shouldn't cost much. The only other thing I would add is that a huge proportion of Alex is cut to maximise carat weight and not beauty unfortunately so having a native cut shouldn't be too much of a concern.

Has that helped?
Yes that helps loads thank you very much, it was when i have the Alex sized the jeweller said it was loose in the setting but he couldn't tighten the claw because if he put any pressure on the thin cut corner it would snap off!
No Hiddenite is typically green. Here's a photo of my Hiddenite.

I reckon it's Kunzite but it's unheated and not irradiated. If it had been heated, it would be pinker (and then might fade anyway) and the same for irradiated material. The fact that it's pale (but must have a hint of pink for it to photograph like that) I reckon means it's a natural stone - which would make sense if they were giving it to somebody to do an exceptionally different cut.

Get a white piece of paper and put the pendant (upside down) on the paper. You'll be able to see if it has any colour that way.


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Sorry, meant to say, if the Alex is too thin at the side then it might need re-cutting.
Doesn't matter what i do it looks pink on the photos but to the naked eye from the back (on white) its completely clear?


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Looks like the sapphs are reflecting into the gemstone causing the pink. To be honest, I like it (for the cut alone) BUT if you don't wear it and not having any colour bugs you then perhaps you are better selling to MissM? It's no point keeping it unless you will wear it or at least love it!

I've just had a loose Spess Garnet arrive today (cut by a phenomenal lapidarist) BUT although the cut is phenomenal, the colour is just too dark and I don't love it, so I'm biting the bullet and sending it back!


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Yes it would. Have you ever seen a gem that's been re-cut? Basically, it would take away the window and although you'd lose carat weight, you'd end up with a phenominal neon stone with all the colour reflecting back to the eye. If I were the owner of that stone, I'd definitely get it re-cut. It's gorgeous as it is but would be eye-poppingly scrumptious after AND it would probably hold (or perhaps slightly increase) it's value.
No i have never seen a re cut stone and to be honest i have no idea how to go about it!
Is it expensive? as the stone would loose carat weight (which is fine) would it then be to small for the setting and need to have a new ring made?
If you're interested in re-cutting have a look at this link: This is a British guy who now lives in Vancouver, Canada. I think he has action shots on Youtube. He comes highly recommended from people I know (extreme gemstone junkies)!

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