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I finally managed to grab a few more pieces of marcasite, including the drop dead gorgeous necklace and earrings. I had the bracelet delivered last week, and it was getting all lonely by itself.

Also managed to get another marcasite ring, which reminds me of a 1920's hat!

Sara - sorry the picture of the earrings is awful, but the top 'fan' which the post is attached to is articulated, so I don't think it would be much of a problem to remove it and add a bale to turn it in to a pendant HTH.



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    My jewellery 095.jpg
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    My jewellery 089.jpg
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Just gorgeous Mad. That's a really sophisticated suite of jewellery and it will look stunning over the Christmas party season.
OOhhh I see you managed to get the fan ring m4g!!

Marcasite looks stunning on you. Now all you need is to go out for dinner or come down here shopping xx
Gawjuss, I'm wearing my own (different) marcasite, three piece suite, as we speak!
Marcasite mad is right!!!!

Love that last ring, I have a few pieces of marcasite, but not overlly keen on the big necklaces myself. Look good on you though. Well done
Phew, finally :lol1:, thought my joke had got lost in the drool fest :D.

P.S. It did look great on Paula didn't it! That's why I'm now converted too (lol).
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Lovely items hun and I see you are wearing clothes in the piccies this time :D:11::10:

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