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Jun 24, 2008
although i like Lulu's cleanser can anyone else tell me if they have the same problem as me? - i have to store the pot upside down to access the last half of the pot and even then i have to poke something in to get the cream out! to get the last quarter out ithink i shall have to saw open the pot!!!Any solutions to this problem or i shant be repurchasing?!
What a pain, I'm half way down the cleanser from the TSV.

Not sure I would buy her range again, I'm only really impresssed with the eye cream. The packagaing is crap IMO, because they a sphere shaped pots with only a tiny flat bottom (if you know what I mean) they are always falling on the floor and most of the product gets stuck in the lid. The eye cream is in a right mess, much prefer eye creams in tubes with a small nozzle like the Decleor ones.:mad:
Thanks for posting this info I was tempted to try this range but i'm giving it a miss until they change their packaging. ;)
I have the smaller bottle of cleanser from her try me kit, I leave it upside down. Agree it is a total faff to get it out of the bottle. I do not tink I would repurchase, much prefer A'Kin.

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