Lovely Little Christmas Pressie


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It's been a VERY long time since I've done this in the GemsTV part of the forum but ................ aren't they yummy (the flower ones not the studs!)? Apologies for the lug holes! £129:

They're just diamonds, aren't they? (When I say "just", I mean with no other gemstone!) Anyhow, they're beautiful - and I great price.

Are they those "ice" diamonds?
Sorry - forgot the statistics! 9k white gold with 0.43ct diamonds. Not sure if they're from the "ice" range as it doesn't say on the card. In terms of colour/clarity they're probably a mixture of G/H/I/J and SI2/I1. There are some lovely diamonds and then some yellow dull ones but on the whole they really sparkle.

My only gripe is that the butterflies on the back are quite loose (the posts are too skinny) so I've got to twist the backs over each other to make sure they're secure. Well, when I say "I", I mean hubby!
very pretty earrings there meeshoo, I just love flower shapes in jewellery, enjoy wearing them
Very very pretty floral design indeed Meesh, a big thumbs up from me.

The studs are rather nice (understatement) as well and I bet they aren't white topaz! :mysmilie_738.gif:

I've watched some of the 'ice' diamonds shows and the designs are stylish and contemporary but haven't indulged as yet.....
aren't I good? So its interesting to hear what the quality of these diamonds are like on the 9k gold range.

I've had (ahem! a couple of) 18k gold items recently and the accent diamonds have been plentiful and as good as you could hope for.
ooh a lovely flash from those Meesh! they look just the right size (which as we all know is bliddy hard to find nowadays). they look great!!

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