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Jul 5, 2008
I was a bit unhappy at the way some people on the chat box was having a go at Barry and his presenting style as we all know he's not a presenter in the usual way of doing presenting as a job like some other but he's new to this and I think he's doing a good job he reminds me a bit of Rod Jinks on gems And I think it's quite hard to do a long shift on your own always easier if you have someone to interact with as steve did with Sarah the night before
so I say give him a chance cause he's LOVELY
I "tuned" in for the first time last night and thoroughly enjoyed it.woo hoo
I was more than a bit unhappy Milly, I was cross and thought it was totally unnecessary. :mad: I agree he is lovely.
I agree, he comes across well and seems a very nice chap. There was no need for some of the comments last night.
I think they have all worked incredibly hard to bring us something new and interactive which i think is an incredible big plus,its nice to have questions and problems solved straight away and they have gone out of their way to do that,i think Barry has done a first class job and i for one wasnt that bothered at least it gave me chance to let the pup out! carry on with the good work:)
I must say I was shocked at some of the comments that were made in the chatbox.
I only watched for a little while yesterday (didn't want to get tempted), and I thought Barry did really well. Lots of the presenters on other channels have been doing it for years and manage to cock up at times, others have acting experience, Barry was a behind the scenes man before, so it's a totally different environment for him now.
I couldn't tune in last night but I am disgusted to think that Barry was the target of what sound like jibes at him in the chatbox. If, as it seems like, he make a mistake, so what? Everyone makes mistakes, whatever job they and it is not right for him to be publicly castigated for it.:mad:
I dont think it was his mistakes ,though i think hes entertaining ,no ones perfect. It seemed to me that a few objected to the 10 min breaks he had to take ,everyone by law has to have them ,and he worked hard and needed them,i didnt mind as i like to watch and learn about the jewellery they have to offer,id hate it to be a case of ' heres this and buy this' and no personal interaction. :(
I was away for part of the evening yesterday, so I have no idea what was said about Barry, but if it was something to do with the breaks, I think that's very unreasonable as he was on duty for six hours! Perhaps lodge your displeasure at the fact that there wasn't someone there as a back-up for him, but if it became personal, I think that would have been very unfair. Mind you, there are always people who will find reasons to criticize just about anything, shame we can't all be as perfect as they must be.
I don't think anyone was actually having a "go" at Barry (though I wasn't on the site all evening, so may have missed that) - and no-one was saying he shouldn't have any breaks, of course he should - it's hard work on your own!

I think the "problem" was more that maybe they should have had someone to fill in for him during his breaks.
Maybe two presenters doing alternate hours or something like that - that way there wouldn't need to be any breaks in live items and they would probably sell more as well!

Just a thought .... :biggrin
I agree with much of the comments so far,it seemed a couple of people imparticular were extremely critical of Barry last night,unfairly comparing him to the previous evening when Steve(a very experienced presenter) and Sara were anchoring.It was during the later break that the comments were made whilst most of us were more than happy to spend the time amusing ourselves with a silly game,make a brew,feed the dog,have a wee etc etc.

This is a fledgling venture still finding it's feet,heck it's not even a week old.
I just hope that the comments were not taken to heart too much by Barry,I personally have seen a massive improvement in his confidence presenting from the first night,he's a lovely,genial host and is doing a grand job.
I challenge anyone to try talking for 6 hours where you are the sole focus of attention,it's a damn difficult thing to do!

Barry is doing great!:)
I must admit, I was very uncomfortable reading some of the criticisms on the chatbox last night - and had to say so eventually!
I think Barry did a great job, and the whole thing is a lot of fun.
Some were complaining about they work 10 hour shifts without a break and he should do it too, and that the games were too slow.
I feel that the games are a little slow because the numbers of bidders at the moment are low, and we should cut them a bit of slack - otherwise, they'll be flogging everything at under a tenner and will very soon go out of business.
I'm sure as they pick up extra customers, things will speed up - but by the same token, prices will go up too, and we should be enjoying our chance to be in at the start when there are amazing bargains to be had, rather than moaning that we had to wait 10 minutes to get our pieces with a 90% discount on them.
Heck, maybe I'm just too understanding - seems unlikely though, knowing my past history!
:)I'm so pleased you all think the same as me perhapes we like him because he comes across as a friend from ex gems
Do you all remember when he worked with Caroline and she constantly called him saying what do you think of this one barry ,I actually popped a message refering to that in the chat box and he really laughed out loud so he's not forgotten either
I actually got the feeling a lot of the comments were more about not having so many auctions but we all understand they cant take loses on everything all night so if they can limit themselves to say 8 pieces an hour or so its not so bad as losing money on say 30items an hour so a lot of padding out has to be donein between and that is hard to do
In a real auction room a good auctioneer would get through 100lots an hour but thats business not entertainment anyway i like filling time on the chat box so i dont mind
I'll be looking in again this evening.
Even if there isn't anything I want to bid for the entertainment is top class. woo hoo
I was in last night and saw some of the comments about Barry. It made for uncomfortable reading. I actually prefer Barry to the other presenters, he seems much more natural and least non shouty (can't watch Gems at times cos of shouty presenters). OT I know but begging for items missed really is not on
I did'nt see the comments as I was busy for some of the evening, and I was dipping in and out, but I think it is very unfair. Barry is a great bloke and does a really good job and for him to do a whole stint on his own, its understandable that he would need a break - what is wrong with some people?
I was working until 10 last night so didn't get on the site at all but I am sooo angry that people were making comments about Barry :Angry2:

I have been on every night apart from last night and I have thoroughly enjoyed Barry's style, personality and humour. Those who were making comments should perhaps tune into TJC or Gems TV and then they would have cause to criticise but leave Barry alone - he's great.

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