Losing the plot?


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Jun 29, 2008
I saw Angeline spend five minutes describing a silver ring, going into a lot of detail and description about the ring as to who would wear it, on what occasion etc, etc,etc...they started the clock...Angeline continued the patter saying how it was a lovely design, how it can be adjusted on the finger as it had an open back...ideal for someone expecting baby as we all know how our fingers swell...it dropped to....(wait for it).... £14 :11: , and in the end only one of six was sold :eek: Hardly surprising as the gram weight was 3.5g and, with the postage, the actual price (using the cheapest option) would have been £19.50. They spent approximately 8 minutes flogging one ring....er, I'm not a business woman but even I can see it was very poor business and if they carry on flogging 'ten-a-penny' items like these at stupid price points they definitely are losing the plot...and possibly their business. I know I shouldn't care after my recent dealings with Gems.TV but it is really sad to see how low they have sunk. Poor Angeline was doing her very best but who would spend £19.50 for this?

but it is really sad to see how low they have sunk.

That's often how I feel too Huggles. I have spent a small fortune with Gems, I used to await a delivery with excitement and in the early days was rarely disappointed. Since around the time that Steve Ashton left, things have seriously gone downhill (a coincidence in many ways but directly related in others), quality has slipped and CS have really let themselves down. I really feel for the likes of Angeline, Scott etc that still make interesting watching and the few backroom staff that still try to offer good CS but are overwhelmed with complaints. There is so much competition in this genre that no company can afford to cut corners and stay in business. I rarely buy from them any more and it seems such a shame.
Losing the plot....OMG, I can answer my own question..YES, THEY HAVE! I just saw this go for £49 on Gems TV 2...great if you're a 'Donnie Darko' fan, though...


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