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Jun 25, 2008
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Hello All:)

I am looking for something summery(well the weather is a bit pants at the mo!!) and am wondering what your thoughts are regarding Yellow Beryl.

I was considering citrine but I'm not too sure it will be sparkly enough......do yellow beryls sparkle? they look like they do

I have these in my basket at the moment....

The first one is only £14 but quite small,the second one I saw earlier today sell on Gems1 for £49,but I was sure it was in a web game and I got it for £39!

Quite different styles I know but I can't have both:(

Let me know your thoughts on this gem and help me make me mind up!!:D

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Yellow beryl is sparkly and very underestimated IMO. You could also go for chrysoberyl which is a yellow-green colour, very sparkly and good value. There's quite a few pendants if that's what you're particularly interested in. Both are summery and won't break the bank.

Citrine is quite sparkly and you can pick up large carat weights for a reasonable price and there's plenty of it knocking about especially in silver. Colours vary from pale lemons through to marmalade oranges so you won't be short of choice.
The bigger pendant will probably be stunning in real life. I sent for this one:


And it was a gorgeous design (went back though as I wasn't taken with the yellow sapphires). The one in your basket is a similar length, but a bit beefier, bet it's amazing.
Hi Sweetpea, Yellow beryl and Golden beryl are both very sparkly, clear gemstones, which as Basketcase has said, are very under rated. Both are personal favourites of mine, and one or two others on the Gems forum have been converted after seeing previous pics of my purchases:eek: I hope you decide to give some a try, I'm sure you'll love them.
Thanks for your input guys:)

Looks like the 2nd one is getting the vote so will go for that one.

AnneC........funnily enough I have that style pendant your wearing(but sent back) in rose gold with rainbow moonstone and it is a lovely design.Only paid £24 and was very pleased it.
Hopefully this one will be just as impressive;)

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