L'occitane christmas surprise


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Oct 27, 2008
This costs 25.75 on their website,never tried it personally but 18.12 seems a good price to me.......225 686 75ml l'occitane fruity rose fragrance
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sorry oops just amended my post ,so excited forgot to say what it was!! sorry I am new to the world of shopping telly!!
Yep I agree,never tried it myself,just thought others might like it! Not sure how to do links yet,is it easy to do?I am a bit of a technophobe to be honest!!
hi queenie love l'occitane fragrances.i am not sure of who is responsible they must have someone to make them but some are unique classics. amber and i'parie are really deep and mysterious and neroli is remakable. but at the other end of the spectrum are the light fresh fruity florals the rose both are lovely.i only wear l'occitane fragrances and when i do try to get something similar it is 2-3 times the price.l'occitane are not modern or fashionable but i feel are unique and satisfy a different pallete. if you live near a space nk they do some of these l'occitanetype smells and they are not cheap.niche thats it niche. a new qvc word to replace high end.

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