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Jan 5, 2009
I emailed Liz Earle Customer Services and they said the next tsv is in October. Soon but good! This maybe the Christmas one as as it will be two months off Christmas (scary!) How it has some useful products in but also the superskin range!
Here's a long shot....TSV in October and new perfume launched in October. Is it to much to hope....
Yes, too much to hope for. Usually Liz launches a new product on her website and QVC get it after that.
I use LE but don't really want/need anything else.I use the basics of the range and buy them either from LE direct if they have offers on and mostly from my local John L store.

For me,I tend to find the TSV's are all small sizes and packed with stuff that I'm not really into.I know if you like the range,its an opportunity to try other bits - but I have, and am happy to stick to my few essentials.

I would be interested in the perfume depending on the price.
Think it may be 50mls.

thank you, D! a little bit on the pricey side, but then again if one takes into consideration what the likes of britney spears sell for the same price, it is LE all the way!
I very much doubt the perfume will be in the TSV as it only launches mid-October and they've only launched one of the new superskin products on QVC so far but I'll be getting the TSV whatever as I use almost everything in the range roll on October
If the TSV is anything like the last one I'll get it but if it's full of travel sizes I won't no matter what new products are in there. I just end up with a drawer full of treatments that I won't use.

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