little yellow steam machine


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Jun 24, 2008
My steam mop has packed in and I am looking for a replacement Saw the little yellow steammachine on IW and thought it looked good. Interested to hear from anyone that already has one In Particular how wet (or dry does it leave the floor when you clean it
I know that Snoopy has had one for a couple of weeks now and has written in another thread that it was good.
We are thrilled with the little yellow it works very well,as for floors do you clean those ?? :D it leaves hard floors virtualy dry,they air dry totally in a matter of minuets,carpets you can just about feel some moisture but they dry pretty quickly too,i think it's because the pile is lifted and air circulates.
Finally decided to buy this but when I went on the website is showing as £59.99 plus postage. I would have sworn it was £39.99 just a couple of weeks ago or was this a potd price perhaps?

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