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Sep 18, 2009
:hi:Has anyone tried any of the pies. i've just seen there's a show on tonight and i'm always very tempted.
Majorie and whatsisname always make them look and sound so delicious and i feel myself being sucked in to that "family business" and "lovely homemade taste" speil.

Are they as tasty as they look and are they worth the money?
I didn't think they were anything special. Ordered once and have kept getting phone calls from them about special offers.
I've never tried them, LEL, but I do agree that they look nice and home made. I just wanted to ask if you have any farm shops near you? All of the ones near my Mother in Lincs stock Lime Tree Pantry pies and you can just buy one pie, rather than having to commit to half a dozen in a QVC pack. It might be a good way of trying them out.
Thanks but unfortunately there are no farm shops around here. i wish there were.

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