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£1 megadrop

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Jun 24, 2008
Tonight for 3 hours Peter Simon told us we would get 1 megadrop within the first 5 items and we did, 1 in jewellery which we did, 1 in christmas items which we did and 1 in bedroom styles which we didnt.

They shouldnt be able to get away with this. He lied for 3 hours. If he was wrong then some people in the gallery should have corrected him instead of reading their horoscopes.

What people run this gallery ive seen whole drops been done before with the wrong details on screen. Do they not look at the output of the channel.
Peter simon is the biggest bulls**tter he tells loads of lies to encourage people to bid,is what heas doing legal??as i thought they had to stick to guidlines when selling on tv,also if you ring head office in london (02086009700)and ask to speak to someone regarding matters youre not happy with you are just transferred to indian call centre and the staff there are useless with dealing with complaints.i asked head office in london if i could speak to someone in uk but was told they can only put me through to (indian) customer services,bring back the good old days when cs was in london and channel was run much better.

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