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Jul 5, 2008
Seriously, how did this guy ever get a job on QVC. He comes across as someone who knows next to nothing about tech and just completely BS his way through any presentation.

The demo of the Amazon Echo gizmo was woeful. Getting it to spout how many calories in an egg instead of explaining to people how it works, what services it can connect with, do you need premium or paid versions of some of the music apps to play it, how do you actually connect it to things like Hive, is it wireless or Bluetooth or both, can it only operate through a mobile device or is it in any way freestanding etc etc. Same ****** thing with the Amazon Fire TV presentation, which I admit it didn't see all of, but even so, showing us it playing a gimmicky log fire video instead of going into how it can connect to streaming services in general. How does this help anyone?

I remember someone on here saying he 'says so much without saying anything' and my god is that ever true. I wish they would give him his P45.

Rant over
Agree with the BS 100%.

I purchased a lap top TSV .One of Lees selling points was the number of applications that were in the deal ,how you can use all of these at once if you want too etc etc.

I'm not very techy and didnt buy it for that ,but the con is that you only get a months
Trial on the apps and the have to start paying.Very little is free with Winows 10.

I want to download windows 7 .

I wanted an office type app but its separate with windows 10 so sign up and pay .

I hate Winows 10 its a total con.Money making con.

I'm using it but I also use I pad and my sons Apple Mac .

Lee is a shyster.
i think lee is an actor in "real" life and it shows. i wont be watching much as i dont buy tech from qvc for tooooooo many reason to mention
I am beginning to think that Lee and RJ share a tent in the qvc garden..imo they are both as annoying as each other and could waffle for England. They get very little time on my tv.
Two minutes of this man & I have to lie down in a dark room.Now, I am not a techy person , I use the Internet for some shopping, banking, booking hotels flights---don't have smart phone etc.If I have (rarely) a shopping list I write it down in my little notebook, I don't need to 'ask Alexa'.I can't comment of the quality/accuracy of his information he gives as my life doesn't need all this & LH ranting on about how he can download a million tunes is definitely NOT REQUIRED on Planet Silver Fox.
I can't watch because, for me, he comes from the Ali Keenan presenting stable of rapid fire delivery, but from what I've seen of him in the past, he's just reading out the instruction manual and the back of the box with a bit of ad lib thrown in along the way, he says nothing of real importance that the QVC customer needs to know.
I agree. The trouble with most of these generic QVC "experts" is that they don't actually work in the field that they claim to be an expert in. If Lee worked in an electronics store when he wasn't at QVC then I'd take him more seriously. See also - tech "expert" Abby and homes "expert" Gill Gauntlet.
And I'll tell you this, I know 'Alexa' is a program rather than an object, but if she was an object I'd shove her right up his backside.
I can't see why you would buy an Amazon product off QVC! I switched over to switch straight back over when it was being presented yesterday morning!
After his "presentation" last night I have no idea what benefit you would get from buying one of these Alexa things. He couldn't get it to work, he hadn't a clue what he was doing and he just left me.confused. I agree he is hopeless.
I think the key point I would take about all the technology guests they have on QVC is that they tell you about the things you don't need to know, and don't tell you about the things you do need to know. It's hardly surprising, given the amount of time which is devoted to presenting the products. Far too much of what you get on QVC focuses on the superficial, the trivial, the zelebrity, the "follow-the-trend" blather, the hard sell calls to action (lines are really busy, tap that app etc) and far too little demonstration of how to use products or answer the practical questions you need to know.

Lee is guilty of this, but no more than any of the others, in my opinion, and is far less obnoxious than Abbie Horne.

It would be excellent if each technical product was presented by a genuine expert... but only if the time allocated to presenting the item was extended to at least half of the hour - with a session covering the questions which are being asked on all platforms - twitter, facebook, via the customer services phoneline, via the website ask a question, via email. If they can do it for a flaming No!No! then surely they can do it for items of a similar value?!?!
Wha would be good is not to have actors or techie guys spouting specs and technical stuff. I would like to see real users, everyday folk tell and show us what they find good about these products...and I don't just mean stooge phone callers picked by QVC (we all kow that they do it). Some honest and frank opinions would be offering something unique and could strengthen the QVC brand rather the them being seen to extract as much money from consumers by the quickest and laziest means possibe.
Don't mind Lee, think he is quite good at demonstrating. I just remember he is paid to sell, whether he likes the stuff or not!

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