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Jun 24, 2008
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I got a small delivery this week, and they are not all keepers

Blue sapph and padpar. sapph eternity rings are both keepers. These rings are so versatile and stackable and around £35 they are real bargains. They are quite dainty but they combine with other rings beautifully. I have 5 of these now lol and love them

here you see the pad combined with my gemstv pad ring

The emerald eternity ring is gorgeous, a deep colour of green and a keeper ar £34. However, the trilogy emerald ring (£190) does not wow me like the more simple eterniity ring.Yes it is 18k YG and the stones are sooo sparkly, but are a tad pale and look more blue-ish than green. The are very shiny which I like but is not like my other colombian emeralds. Let me know what you all think.



The pink sapphire will go back too..... as it is more lilac than pink, a bit of a wash out too

I got a pearl bracelet too, but forgot to take a piccie and upload it today, will follow later
I am really looking forward to the new rubies that will be auctioned soon!!
Those are lovely Tiaaaaaa - I have been looking at the stackers and am getting tempted more now lol - I hope they bring out some more - the pink sap looks pretty - but to be honest i find if I am not bowled over instantly I may never be! :) lovely lot enjoy wearing them xxx
those stackers are fab (as is the GTV padpa). I do like the other two rings and would be pleased to own them, but if they're not wowing you, go with your gut feeling and return them to Rocks Towers.

thanks for sharing the piccies.
Love love love all the stacking rings. Need them all i think!! Shame the pink sapp. and emerald are not to your expectation. i am sure you will find alternatives very soon xx
Those stackers are great value and look really pretty. If the emerald ring isn't shouting 'Keep Me', then don't Tia, something else will come along that will.

I forgot to say it's great that you can wear the size N. If I'd been able to, as stacker queen, I'd have one of everything!!

Size N suits only my middlefinger. But these stacker rings I got are a tad smaller (yippie:BLING:) and can be worn on my ringfinger, I usually "end" the stack with my diamond eternity ring which is size K and stop the stacker rings turning or sliding down lol.
Sizes on rocks is hit and miss. I am not really keen to send them uot for resizing. The emerald trilogy was size O??!!
Oh yes, i have 5 stacker rings already ....

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