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Jun 24, 2008
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Hi all
I braved the bad weather and went to work, around 2pm i received my rocks delivery, and have to admit it is the best haul so far, as nothing will be returned

here we go
turquoise ring: i was on the look out for this one for days, as it was not in stock and grabbed it sunday. I love the turquoise because the colours are more green than blue, which i prefer, the piccie does not show the ring in all its glory

multi ring: this is a new design, and love it: sparkly stones!

red agate: very simple design, have it in pink opal too, fab

my first russian diopside, and i adore it. I purchased 2 weeks ago a emerald ring which was disappointing, but this one is so gorgeous, dark deep colour and so sparkly

my first marcasite: very impressed, love the ring, the bracelet is a bit tiny , i will have to look for another one to give it more weight

2 turquoise necklaces: i love love the heavyweight one, but it does not look at all like the picture on rocks, this is much better al in green colours. The second one is nice, but a bit flimsy

this is a new necklace, very summery. As it was an impulsive buy, I thought that i would return it as it looked very pink, but is a keeper as it a gorgeous deep pink

a bargain long grey pearl necklace: very nice and weighty, need earrings to match it now

and at last : 2 pearl bracelets: one SQ with choc pearl,the other white pearl and garnet, only wish the red was not as dark as it is


I promised myself NOT to buy any more stuff this month..... and start wearing all my goodies
FAB, FAB, FAB Tia love the turquoise ring, but it's a bit large for me. I have the second turquoise necklace which I wear quite a bit, I do like Rocks' turquoise, as I like the 'markings' in it, makes it look more real. I adore Rocks' marcasite too, have a few pieces, and some of their other bracelets are more substantial, although I like your dainty one. Pearly bracelets are gorgeous, am a serious pearly fan too :whistle:, and your diopside ring - absolute stunner!!!!!

I really, really must not buy anymore for a while, I've got another order coming soon, and then I've got to stop watching, I've got no self-control with so many lovelies to tempt me :rofl:

Wow Tia love all of them I have a few from your haul and would love the turquoise ring! Enjoy wearing them all xx
Love the Diopside, I am quite tempted lol.... I almost bought the pink necklace and have been kicking myself since. I didn't take a note of the item number either to keep a check on the stock :(
Fantastic Haul Tia, the diopside is a stunning colour. I think you are going to enjoy wearing all those pieces they are lovely.
Lovely pieces, some of which I have myself.
I've never been a fan of turquoise but I must admit, after buying the ring you have myself a few months ago, I fell in love with it. :)
I also have grey pearl earrings that would go really well with the necklace. Not sure if there's any in stock at the moment but they would be idea in making a set. :D
The diopside ring looks gorgeous and the marcasite and the long pearl necklace! Have fun wearing them!
I'm loving the shiva eye ring that I got yesterday, what exactley is shiva? I daren't go on rocks now for a few months lol,!
Hi Angie,

Shiva eye is part of an undersea snail shell. Naturally shed shells are collected, so no worries about mass murder of snails taking place.

It's the protective covering at the opening of the snails shell angiebabe. The reverse side of the spiral looks like an eye that represents the third eye of of the Hindu god shiva.:64:

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