Tanzy & PT bonanza!


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Jun 10, 2009
Like GC I wandered onto RocksTV last weekend and spotted some cracking PT & Tanzy pieces so grabbed these two (hopefully the pictures will now attach and you won't all be saying what two??) :giggle:

Trilliant cut Tanzy (3.06ct) & diamond (.19ct) set in 5.91g platinum £625. Love this ring, it sits lower than my other tanzy, hopefully meaning I won't bash it as I seem to do with my other one!

Pear cut PT (2.32ct) & diamond (.2ct) set in 5.32g platinum £525. Its a nice colour and a nice ring, but it just doesn't look right on my hand, think the pear cut is just too long and thin for me. I also suspect a window, but I'm not too good on these things and could be wrong. Anyway, this ones going back to rocks towers.

Oh darn it! can't get the piccies to attach, getting a message along the lines of security token unexpectedly missing - anybody got any clues please??
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flossie I need to see the pictures :) Love tanzy Can you give the item numbers of both, see if I can post a link xx
It is BH and I actually managed to get a reasonable picture (for me anyway!), pity I can't figure out how to make it attach!! :sad:
Wow Flossie beautiful Tanzy i saw the Paraiba on air and it did seem long and thin! enjoy wearing your new Tanzy.
The reason you can't upload the photos is because your photos are taken in a higher quality than the upload max (if that makes any sense) take them in a lower quality setting on your camera so the file size is smaller x
Ahhhh I see GC - thanks for that. Now all I need to do is figure out how to make the camera do that (its a new one, bought by my lovely OH as apparently really easy to use, but he forgot to pay extra for the hunk that comes with it and takes piccies for me!).

Will have a another play around with the camera tomorrow, after reading the instruction book that came with it :giggle:

Would love to say have a look at my tanzy but its not its flossie just uploading photos for her. The tanzy is a stunner :)
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thanks BH much appreciated - saved me wrestling with the camera and probably hurling it to the floor in temper! :up2:

How did you get them to load please? Was I doing something daft?
Now that's what I call a tanzy!!!!!!! Gorgeous!

I think the V-shape claw (I'm sure there's a technical term for that!) accentuates the length of the Paraiba.
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Definitely the right choice, flossie.

The Tanzy is beautiful and it looks lovely on your hand. :envy:
Very well done on that Tanzy Flossie, its a lovely colour and shape. It looks very nice on your hand and many
thanks to BH for posting the pics.....much nicer than the links.

Like yourself, I'm not too sure about the Paraiba shape, proportions don't look quite right!

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