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Jul 22, 2009
Hi to all, received my parcel today- moonlight topaz earrings which were managers special on Sunday night. They're very nice but not really sure whether they're worth £72(after discount). I must say I've had cheap crystal ones that show very similar sparkle and colours but after the £7 delivery charge and then return costs I might just keep them anyway. Only thing that concerns me is on the authenticity card where it says Origin- N/A ?? Is this usual? If I remember rightly my last purchase some time ago said this about the diamond accents but I returned that anyway. Any comments anyone?

Just like to say what an absolute hoot I had last night reading all the posts about QVC and the F.A.R.T.S. club as well as all the other posts- it certainly did it's job of keeping me from shopping! I missed the first hour of "Behind closed doors" on Gems, then sat down with a nightcap for the next bit and promptly fell asleep in the chair and woke up at two just as Vicki was saying goodnight. Did I miss any bargains? xxxTT
Not many on here at the min......... maybe the credit card bills have arrived!

gas & air please.

oh, and no you missed naff all.
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