Kipling TSV 28/8/08


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I'd best not watch!!

If I buy any more Kipling handbags my dearly beloved will leave me for someone with less of a thing for handbags!!

Having availed myself of the 50% discounted bags plus a trip to the Kipling outlet shop at the weekend, it really would have to be a secret purchase!
Ooh that's a point, it's just before my Wedding Anniversary and Birthday. It's got to be something nice for a change, not one of their cheap looking made up ones.
I WILL NOT WATCH, I WILL NOT WATCH, I WILL NOT WATCH!!! :rolleyes: Especially after buying a Marti in leather at the Kipling sale! :eek:
Has anyone had problems ordering today? I've gone through confirm order but it doesn't confirm?
If you use code 14423 you get free postage on ANY amount :D

OMG - that's great - thank you very much!!! I only wanted to order a 'milos' for £19 so didn't really want to pay £7.90 p&p!!

Em xXx
Has anyone had problems ordering today? I've gone through confirm order but it doesn't confirm?

Errrr, no :rolleyes: My rather LARGE order just went through.
I did read the terms and conditions though and was confused, can you or cant you send back items if they have been reduced, anyone know?

2.1. Sales can be returned within 14 days from the date of delivery, providing it has not been worn or used. In this case the goods have to be returned in its original packaging with its original hangtags.

Once the 14 days over, we will not be able to accept returns.

2.2. If the goods have been used and are not in a re-sellable condition, we will not accept your return.

2.3. Please note that we can only refund on to the same method of payment you used to make your original purchase. Please allow 14 days from the date your goods are received and accepted by our team for a refund to appear on your billing statement.

2.4. Gift boxes or gift wrapping are not refundable.

2.5. In case of several markdowns, we are not able to refund you the difference.

2.6. In case of a return where the remaining amount of your order is below £60, we will simply deduct the shipping cost (£7.90) from your refund.
Thanks Crinklecut and Jantaculum. I learn something new every day!! Looks like I'll have to get the sat nav out when the kids have gone back to school. No chance of trying to get there with my grandson with us for the holidays, if you can't kick it, jump on it, or fight it he doesn't want to know!! :) He doesn't like Nanny's shops only big boy toy shops!! :cool:
OMG - have just ordered 15 items totalling £112.50 from the Kipling site - so much for just buying a Milos!!!

I Ordered lots of little "visit" purses (£4 each) for little Christmas pressies, mum's birthday present and lots of other small Christmas presents (cosmetics purse, jewellery roll, pencil case, children's bag etc!) Looks like my entire family are getting Kipling this year!

I love a bargain and still like the spend the same as I normally would but love getting double for the same money IYSWIM!!!

Em xXx

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