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Jun 24, 2008
Find it hard to believe that anyone will pay £70 for a plastic bag....:33:

Apologies to those who love this range but I really think that QVC have well and truly lost the plot because this is a total rip off!
TSV is not my cup of tea, KVZ in general is not for me, the prices are really steep, nearly £70 for the TSV and £5.45 P&P. :eek:
The range doesn't appeal to me either Sazza but I'm just amazed at the ridiculous prices, they're outrageous.
vom Cheap and nasty looking vom I'd rather use a supermarket carrier bag.
The range doesn't appeal to me either Sazza but I'm just amazed at the ridiculous prices, they're outrageous.

I have just seen another which is £80 odd pound and there is nothing to it, hardly anything in terms of pockets and detalling. I just don't get this range at all!! :33:
How very dare you, I am struggling between the Orchid and the Animal print one, there again the white one would match my stilettos. :32:
i have a couple of kathy van zealand bags bought in america and i love them, i think it depends on the style that you buy.
I get people often asking me where my bags are from. I dont buy the patent look or the nylon looking ones but I have the "brocade" sort of fabric.
the bags are really good quality and i'm happy with mine.
I'd rather use my 'Paisley briefcase' otherwise known as...

I bought one in TK Max 3 years ago -although did not know the design as I am soooo fashion conscious - in the sale for £15 ish I think. My daughter always calls it my dominatrix bag (????) but I somewhat liked it. It did not wear well and would not buy another one.:2:
...and it looks like it weighs a ton empty....

Awful, just awful.
Oh I actually picked one up in HoF, they seemed to have disappeared from there now. Yes even empty they are very heavy, it could be the consealed block of concrete in the bottom of them. Or perhaps the weight lifting barbells disgusted as charms hanging off them.

As I said before I found one which on first look was not the norm shiny shiny shine charm laid sort. It looked like a leather handbag nice soft brown and a very tiny little charm thing on it. I was shocked when picking up to see who made it.
They are big enough to hide a jemmy in and a few chisels and masking tape, so the discerning burglar will probably love them! Bit of late night shoplifting and then straight onto a few break ins - could save ages not having to go home in between jobs :)
They don't appeal to me I have to say, I prefer leather (sorry to the anti-leather brigade!) or vintage (also leather, sorry again!)! I certainly wouldn't pay that much for what is essentially plastic & I think I'm a bit old for the range anyway!
Stupid thing is, my 15 year old would probably love them but they're way out of her price range, bit difficult then to imagine a large section of the population they would appeal to really? (I could make a few suggestions but wouldn't want to offend those who think they're brilliant!)
The shiny zebra print reminded me of those bags in the 70s that had grocery brands on them like Heinz Beans. These bags are so expensive but someone must be buying them or they would not be on so often. I got two gorgeous leather bags from Dents sale for less than this costs.

Also please will someone tell the rep that fabrication does not mean the plastic the bag is made of!

Final moan for now, the trailer says something about "this season's oversize tote" but it said that last season and the season before that!

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