Julia Roberts' gold bracelet/cuff


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Apr 16, 2009
Hello everyone

This is my first post - have been lurking for a while but finally thought to say hello and ask your help in tracking down a product. This forum and QVC are my guilty pleasures (especially as I'm just over 6 months pregnant, starting to waddle and would prefer to snuggle up in front of the telly/computer).

When Julia launched today's Birkenstock TSV she was wearing a wide yellow gold bracelet/cuff on one wrist - customer services couldn't give me the item number when I called them today. Would any of you have any idea of what it might be?

Hi Mavornia and welcome to the forum, I'm suprised no one has got back to you yet,
everyone on here is normally very quick to find item numbers.
Anyway the item you are looking for is no 679617 and this is the link for it. (if it works!)
I'm not always good at the tecnical stuff.
I know this number as I fel in love with it as well, but not the price I'm afraid!!!
Anyway let us know if you take the plunge. Good luck with your pregnancy.
Andrea :)
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I think it was one of those copper bracelets for her arthritis :D welcome from me mavornia hope all goes well with you baby :)
Welcome to the forum Mavornia, hope you enjoy posting on this site. Let us know if you get the bracelet.
A big warm welcome from me too Mavornia. You'll have lots of fun on here but be warned......it's very addictive! :3:

Really hope you are enjoying being pregnant and everything is going well with "baby" Mavornia - please keep us up-to-date over the coming months but you'll need to join the VIP section for that I think. :1:
Welcome Mavornia.
Just wondering was it this one? Item no 679617?
I hope this helps, tried to do a link but to no availe.
mavornia. Now you've broken the ice we'll look forward to hearing from you regularly! Know what you mean about QVC being a guilty pleasure...it's not something I'm proud of, but when there's nothing else worth watching on TV....:D.

if you do go for it, or any QVC item in fact, use QVC link through Quidco.com, you will get 5% cashback on any items purchased. Every little helps..
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Thanks for the lovely welcome everyone - and for tracking down the bracelet for me.

It's a lot more than I expected it would be - it was my 30th birthday yesterday and I'm wondering whether I can still justify it as a present to myself :1: (and I spent most of the day in hospital with tummy pains but it turned out fine thank goodness). Now does a birthday plus a hospital visit justify a £330 splurge on oneself - I'll defer to the experts....
Welcome Mavornia. I too love that bangle - just would not pay that much for it. Please let us know if you go for it.

I see that we all seem to like it - maybe we could get them to do a veronese one which is more in our price range.
Hello Mavornia,

Welcome and good luck with your pregnancy? Is it your first?

I think that Julia's bracelet is lovely too.

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