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Following a successful appearance on "Celebrity Selection" John Scott is joining Rocks and Co full time.

Sam Simmons and Ruth Linnett have also joined the channel as full time presenters.
Think that 'sam' is a different Sam there was new lady on today think her name was Sam not seen Ruth on rocks and co yet but think it must be Ruth from Gems as same name (Ruth Linnett)
Is Sam the lady who got to the final of QVC's Search for a Presenter?
So many questions .....
When did Ruth leave Gems - I thought I saw her only a few days ago?

Seems like of few of the gems presenters leaving at the moment doesn't it most seem to be going to rocks and co, Ruth was on a couple of days ago in the evening so I wonder when she will first be on Rocks and co???
:33:Mmmmmm...It would appear it could be a basis of last in first out so to speak...
due to the credit crunch Gemstv 2 hours have been cut down and are now 2pm-11pm
and many redundancies made throughout all the staff..hence the new press 3 for voice recognition orders.

Sam and Ruth were I believe last to join GTV were they not!?... If It's the same Sam (Ginger hair)
and why only one channel broadcasting all day today (Sunday 5/10/08)...may be Sam and Ruth going to Rocksandco dropped GTV in it.... I noticed Lucy and Derek worked extra hours just of late and wasn't Ruth Derek's on screen partner!!?....these are all my own thoughts and specualtion by the don't quote me on any of it!:54:
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