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Nov 1, 2008
sunny cornwall
swore i was never going to order from IW ever again after being totaly messed about in August, but i tuned in yesterday and my resolve quickly weakened, wow what jewellery bargains,the 6.00 hr was major cheap silver bargains, and 8.00 was luxury items [and were talking real bargains] I shop on RocksTV so i know my bargains. i was tempted by a beautiful mop and amethyst watch, anyone else tempted? more bargain jewellery friday for most of the day.:40:
Yes Roxy I ordered the tahitian pearl and damond pendant in a moment of madness! I love diamonds (well don't we all ) and I also have a weakness for pearls.

I am anxiously awaiting the post and hoping I can get to the door before my husband enquires about the latest purchase.

I'll be glad when the clearance finishes as I'm seriously obssesed with scouring the website for bargains. Did you see that lovely ceylon sapphire bracelet which was around£900? It was beautiful and worth the money I'm sure . I think I need to get a life apart from this hunting for jewellery bargains malarky!! Of course I wouldn't admit that to anyone else but the shopping telly forum members !
Hey mayday, yeah that sapphire bracelet was truly stunning,i dont think ive seen such bargains for a long time the quality pieces were going for excellent prices.
Tahitian pearl and diamonds - wow you have great taste, if you dont mind me saying!
Im on the lookout for a sapphire and diamond pendant -to match up with a rather fine ring.
men well they just dont get it do they - my husbands just given up enquiring on the jewellery status.

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