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Jun 24, 2008
Church of Schumacher, recruiting again!

I'm having some trouble deciding about this one. It's sweet, but the topaz isn't as vibrant as my other rocks ones, and I'm not 100% sure about the asymmetric design. It was, on the other hand, very cheap!!! Your views appreciated, it's on the "don't know" pile...


Another one I'm trying to decide about. First of all, the blue topaz is magnificent - absolutely stunning. And overall it's a beautiful look. But I am having some issues with the chain part twisting around, which is quite annoying. It's also (relatively) expensive, so again one to ponder. But I am edging towards keeping it as I fear I would regret it for some time to come if I return it! Again, your thoughts welcome.


Oh how I love the design of this cute little necklace. And oh how I hate that white finish again. I adore everything else about this one, but the white is horrible. Returning it very sadly - if only a pot of brasso would shine it up!!!


Returning these two as well. The blue topaz is gorgeous, but it doesn't feel worth the nearly £60 I paid for it. This isn't even a "relative" expense thing, I think I could get similar MUCH cheaper elsewhere - it's very much on a par with my GTV London blue heart, which was about £40. I honestly didn't expect it to be so expensive when I requested it, felt obliged to go above where I wanted to stop in all honesty. If I see it more reasonable some other time I'll be tempted to bid again, but I won't pay this much for it. The marcasite won't resize for me, I very stupidly forgot to check before I ordered.


I thought I'd got a steal with this bracelet, and I love the design, but the diamonds are not sparkly at all. Shame.


The final return - this is pretty, but it's a little long for me and a fair bit daintier than I expected. The main issue though is that the pearls have a "back" and "front" - and half the time I find them sitting upside down, not a great look.


I don't really need this one, but it's very sweet and was at a bargain price. I'm sure I'll wear it, so I've decided to hang onto it.


Argh!!! This one is a bit annoying! I put in a bid before I got a good look at it, and I can't believe that such a low punt won the day! It's an absolute steal - but way too long for me. I'm going to send it to Regency and beg them to take a couple of links out - I seriously hope they can do it, not sure if it's possible though. It's absolutely dreamy apart from the length. The MOP is very irridescent, and the marcasite twinkles like mad. I really want to be able to wear this one. Keep your fingers crossed for me!!!


Definite star of the haul! This is one of the nicest, most expensive feeling items I've had from Rocks. I absolutely love it - so substantial, so pretty, so twinkly. And a great price too.


I reckon we've all got at least one of these by now! Some lovely colours coming through on the moonstone, and a very pretty design.


For some reason, the white finish on this is not as annoying as it has been on other pieces - maybe because of the nice design in silver and the silver frame. This surprised me, I was a bit wary when I ordered. Love this though - even though I expected pearls on every station, was a bit taken aback when there were just three!!!

Can't believe I've already got another order checked out, I really can't sustain this!!!
Any views on the first two items would be much appreciated, I'm in a quandary!
Another huge haul Anne,some good...very good and some not so which is a shame.

The unsure personally,I am not keen on the flower ring,but that is my personal preference,it's not the assymetric design that's an issue for me,that I do not mind it's just too...well girlie!!

The marcasite and blue topaz I do like very much,its a stonking piece,maybe the chain part will settlre and untwist itself with wear,but I like it and think it suits you very much.

I have returned the mabe pearl necklace too....a bit cheap looking imo,but like you think the design is great but can't stand the finish of the silver which was a shame.

I do hope you can get the MOP bracelet sorted,it's fabulous and very have the puny wrist issue like me,I do not buy many bracelets because they are too long and I'm too much of a lazy bugga to bother to get 'em adjusted!!Thank goodness my ring size is N lol

The keepers I like.....haven't got the jingly bracelet in any flavour but they are very pretty so may succumb soon.

Enjoy your keepers,fab taste as usual:1:
Anne, my opinion for what its worth is ring no 1 looks really pretty on you, the shape is lovely, doesn't matter about the fact its not symmetric unless it really bothers you. I think the topaz is not a major player in this piece anyway and by that I mean its the shape of the ring that grabs the attention, the topaz is just the centre of the flower. I think its lovely and you suit it. Its another talking piece.

Necklace (no 2), that chain part, if its twisting now is going to twist every time you wear it until eventually you stop wearing it. Send it back chick.

I have everything crossed that Regency can sort your bracelet out and i'm sure they will you know.

Shame about the bracelet without sparkly diamonds, it looks lovely. :1:

I like the heart shaped topaz ring, sure you'll get it cheaper one day.

Not keen on the white finish on either of your items with it to be honest but the bracelet looks marginally better because it has those silver 'frames' the other one is too white.

Like everything else though, well done missus, you did well :1:
And here's my twopence worth, lol. I'm not keen on jewellery with hearts or flowers so I'd send those two rings back. Love the Marcasite ring and it's a shame it won't resize. I've bid on it a couple of times but it's gone over budget. Shame about the topaz and Marcasite necklace, but if it's not right now it never will be, get your money back. I agree with Darls and Sweetpea about the white finish. It looks a bit cheap, IMHO.

I hope you get that fantastic MOP and Marcasite bracelet made smaller. It is a stunner.

The second Marcasite, it is just amazing and I love the Opal bracelet. I don't have one in any flavour yet and I really will have to do something about that soon. And the pearls? Well, you gotta live up to your Rocks persona, don't you?

Enjoy all those other keepers too Anne. What's next? ;)
The two things that really really stand out for me are the marcasite necklaces, I absolutely love both of them (the twisting chain doesn't really notice in the pictures)

There's actually nothing in that haul that I don't like (even the white silver) but I think it's all about the price you pay - if something's a steal for the money then it stays, if it feels overpriced (by Rocks standards lol) then it goes back

Oh and I didn't notice that the flower was asymmetric until you pointed it out, the shape just looked natural and pretty.
Fab pics Anne.

I think the marcasite flower ring looks pretty (and suits you from the pic) - as it was a steal I'd say keep it.

The blue topaz/marcasite necklace. If the chain does twist round, it's going to annoy you and it's going to be one that you are reluctant to wear - so personally I'd send it back (think that's the one I bid on as well?)

I have also sent the marcasite/pearl bracelet back for EXACTLY the same reason as you!

There is only one marcasite item, of the current crop, I want now - hopefully there might be some new designs soon? :smile
Anne I think you are right with your returns although I think the flower marcasite may be better worn where the 'missing' petal would be on the outside ie. left pinkie or right index?

I think the MOP bracelet is stunning, if you cannot have it resized would you give me first refusal on it, taking links out would not be an issue with my builder's wrists!

I think your pictures and appraisals are spot on as usual, it's nice to hear 'warts and all' reviews on pieces that may be on our wish lists. Nice one Anne.
I just love the first ring hun (can I have it???????) :1:

I think you are right to return the others, if you don't like them and don't feel right about them then send them back.

They are all lovely items though.
Wow haul Anne. I have the first flower ring and I love it and it looks very pretty on you. I say keep it as the prices are going up! The marcasite topaz necklace - send it back as the chain would annoy you and it will just sit in the box. Shame about the blue topaz ring as I know how much you wanted it! Hopefully you or I ( on your behalf) will manege to get it at a much cheaper price!!!

Love all your keepers. I am after the moonstone design bracelet! Anne is it a comfortable fit! I am seriously regretting deleting my amethyst one in that style at at £23!!!!!

Enjoy all your keepers xx
Can only echo the others views. Personally, I don't particularly like the first macasite ring, although I was seriously tempted by the second, but glad I got the 2 leaf design. I thought it would be too long for my stumpy fingers, but the design is fab, and it's so comfortable to wear.

LOVE the design of the second marcasite necklace, and the flat links sit really well.

Rocks is rather like waiting for a bus, you miss one, but hey ho, another comes along soon enough, and there's sure to be so more more to tempt you shortly!!!

Pearly necklace is gorgeous, but do I need any more pearls - it's the Pope Catholic???!!!!!

Hi Anne,

I love the quirky, squiggly chains on the elevenseventeen necklaces but haven't seen one with a pendant I really like...hopefully yet!

If you have a couple of the MOP stations taken out of the bracelet could a shepherds hook be put on them so they could be worn as earrings?
Hi anne I usually go with my first instincts when i have a haul if i instantly like it and it fits and suits me it stays
If on the other hand i open the box and theres a bit of uncertainty i usually end up sending it back after considering it for a while cause i know it will sit in a box and get over looked i dont know if thats any help to you though lol:
me thinks pic 1 ring is lovely on you, if the stone is too sparkly on that ring it would cover the marcasite so me thinks that is a suitable colouring to that asymmetric design and yet not letting the metalic shines of the marcasite down.

oooohhhhh me loves pic 2 (sorry = = it's me favourite topaz shape so...) but if it annoys u me thinks sending it back will worth it. But if me me thinks me would keep (coz tho chain twists me would still wear it @@)

It's interesting and useful to see items as they look on ordinary people - not that you're ordinary Anne, but hope you know what I mean!

I wasn't keen on the flower ring at first, though I love quirky designs, but when it looked like going at a low price I bid on it and got it for £7 (it went later for £30...) I like it now, and it goes with my blue topaz hedgehog ring which is so huge it needs something to set it off - the assymetric design works there because the gap sits next to the hedgehog, so doesn't knock against it. Also the lopsidedness stops it looking twee...

I don't like the white finish either - looks tacky - I sent a ring back because of it.

The first marcasite necklace you have, is the same design as a bracelet I've got - it works as a bracelet because the links lie flat - but round the neck they wouldn't, that's why it twists.

Although the returns policy is No Quibble, there is a space for Reason for Return on the form, and I do think we should say the reason, because if it's a design fault, it's in both our interests, us and Rocks', to let them know what's working and what isn't...:1:
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